Brunch Is On Sundays And It Is Hilarious!

The girls of the new webseries 'Brunch on Sundays' talking boys, booze, brunch and keeping it really real! Today happens to...

The girls of the new webseries 'Brunch on Sundays' talking boys, booze, brunch and keeping it really real!

Today happens to be the 15th anniversary of the beyond epic show 'Sex and the City'.  Let's be honest that show was so major that people still quote it, act like it, compare themselves to the characters (I think I am a Charlotte/Carrie) and drool over the clothes.  It is not even the same NYC today as it was when the show aired yet people still want more!  HBO came out with that ratchet show Girls that I had high hopes for but it is no substitute for the fabulousness that was SATC.  But now, there is Brunch on Sundays, and it is giving me that fierce and funny NYC girl realness that I have been missing and here is why...
This original comedic web series, 'Brunch on Sundays,' is about three twenty-something girlfriends sharing their perspectives on sex, pooping and accidentally blacking out on boring dates is entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Set in Brooklyn (but they are still amazing) every Sunday, a distressed Charlie reveals her 'sexscapades’ over brunch, her tales enhanced by quirky flashbacks of how they went awry. Charlie’s live-now-ask-questions-later mentality often leaves her with the short end of the stick, but her unwavering confidence keeps her endearing and hilarious.
The writing is really funny and smart and the ensemble cast is amazing! Shira Weitz, who also plays the lead character Charlie, does a wonderful job with the writing by keeping things real as well as funny and likeable.  She is looking at topics like sex and friends through a modern eye but in a way that is enjoyable and not annoying or pretentious.  It's like if you took 'Girls' but made it good, as fun as 'Sex and the City' and mixed it with 'The Mindy Project'.

Then there is the character Paula who is played by friend of OJ&B Haley Turner.  Now I am not just saying this because she is my friend (I only blog about things that I actually think are amaze) but she basically steals the webseries for me.  We have all been missing the one and only Samantha Jones and Haley gives us that spunky spirit to us in a young and fresh way.  With lines like "You know what I think is important? Not caring, so let's care less about this" and "Can I get some home fries up in this piece?" you really cannot go wrong.


Haley Turner

Five episodes make up 'Brunch on Sundays' first season and each episode will be released every Thursday until July 4th . 

Check out the hilarious trailer to see what is to come this season and then check out the first episode!  Be sure to share this will all of your friends as it deserves to be the next Internet sensation!


Brunch on Sundays

 For more info on Brunch on Sundays you can check out their website by clicking here!
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