Nanette Lepore Hosts New Media Brunch At Her Garment District Showroom!

 Last week designer Nanette Lepore hosted a fabulous brunch for New Media.  It was the first time that the designer held a sit down b...

Last week designer Nanette Lepore hosted a fabulous brunch for New Media.  It was the first time that the designer held a sit down brunch event to get to know members of new media in her showroom.  OJ&B was honored to be invited and excited to mingle and officially meet Nanette!

Above: I loved the place settings and name cards! Below: The tables were beautifully done and I loved Nanette's attention to detail that you can also see in her clothing!

Nanette Lepore had her personal chef make the exclusive group of new media an amazing brunch.  There was also a Bloody Mary bar where you could custom make your own Bloody Marys.  The best part about having a brunch in Nanette's show room is that we were surrounded by her beautiful and bright Spring/Summer 2012 collection!  Food, fashion and fab people, what a better way to spend a Friday in NYC?

Above: This quiche was probably the best brunch quiche that I have ever eaten! The food was amazing! Below: Take a look at a few pieces from Nanette Lepore's electric Spring/Summer 2012 collection! It HAS to be neon to be on!

Above: Designer Nanette Lepore gives a lovely toast to her new media guest.  According to Nanette and her nephew Jimmy, their family loves throwing fab dinner parties and they wanted to share that with all of us.  Below: Nanette's personal chef comes out to greet the brunchers and she gets a round of applause for making our taste buds dance with delight!

After brunch Nanette's team took us to a clothing factory in the Garment District.  Nanette is a huge supporter of the "Save The Garment District" movement as all of her patterns, samples and orders are made in NYC's historical garment district! Nanette and her team stated that making things locally in NYC makes for faster order turnarounds.  Nanette said that not having to wait for samples to come back from outside of the country is a huge help for her and her team especially when they are getting ready for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Take a look at some of the photos from our factory field trip!

Above: A site that you don't see much of these days.  Pattern makers cutting patterns at Nanette Lepore's Workshop as they prep for Fashion Week!  Below a garment district factory where Nanette gets accents assembled on her garments.  Some of the original machines were over 90 years old!  

Above: A garment worker lays out fabric from Nanette Lepore's S/S 12 line on a pleat pattern.  After the material is placed in the pattern it is put in a huge steamer to set the pleats in the fabric.

Above: We went to M. & S. Schmalberg Inc.'s factory where they make fabric flowers for huge designers.  They even did this famous flower for SJP in Sex and The City.  Below: M. & S. Schmalberg was kind enough to give me a flower and you know I LOVE a good flower!!

Thanks so much to Nanette Lepore and her amazing team for having OJ&B at the New Media Brunch!  I had an amazing time and I learned so much about Nanette's line and the NYC Garment District!  I cannot wait to see what you have in store for all of us for Fall 2012!  See you at the tents!

Above: Jonathan  Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits meets designer Nanette Lepore.  Below: Brunch is the perfect meal for OJ&B!

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  1. Oh I just adore the chef, Laura Stucin. She's fabulous!

  2. Hi Jonathan, So glad that you liked my quiche. Thanks for the great review. I love all of your photos.



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