VIDEO: Lifetime's Trailer For The Anna Nicole Biopic

Actress Agnes Bruckner plays the glamorous and infamous Anna Nicole Smith in Lifetime's new biopic. Lifetime, the network infa...

Actress Agnes Bruckner plays the glamorous and infamous Anna Nicole Smith in Lifetime's new biopic.

Lifetime, the network infamous for it's made for T.V. movies like Liz and Dick starring Lindsay Lohan (I still can't get over that WTF moment), just released a trailer for it's latest project, "Anna Nicole," a biopic about the rise and tragic fall of  the former Playboy model, actress and reality show star.

Starring Agnes Bruckner as Smith, "Anna Nicole" chronicles the true life story of the late Playboy model, actress and reality star, who grew up in a small Texas town before rising to fame and ultimately passing away from an accidental drug overdose at age 39.  The made-for-TV flick also features an 84-year-old Martin Landau as the starlet's millionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall.

The trailer that Lifetime released is haunting and very chilling.  In a time when Amanda Bynes reigns as the public's current favorite hot mess, it shows that even though people may laugh at celebs when they are down, there really is nothing to joke about.  From her battle with drugs and her outrageous moments like the time she was wearing clown make up and taking care of a baby doll like it was her own child, the movie seems to cover it all.

First of all I LOVE ANNA NICOLE!  Although she seemed very mixed up and seemed to be surrounded by toxic people, she was GORGEOUS and seemed to be a very gentle soul.  I am curious to see how her infamous E! reality show is covered in this movie.  Remember the epic theme song?!  I am not ashamed to say that I loved that intro.  The 'Anna Nicole Show' was one of the craziest reality shows that was ever on television and I have a feeling that it was not scripted because I mean, come on, it was Anna!


Also remember when Anna introduced Kanye at the Grammy's?!  I MEAN! I remember watching it live, and it was an "OMG, everything just happened slash poor Anna" moment.

My absolute most fave thing that Anna Nicole ever did was her campaign for Guess Jeans.  Take a look at some of my favorite photos:

I MEAN... Just look at her!  She is so gorgeous and stunning.  I consider these photos to be some of the best photos ever taken for one of the best ad campaigns ever. SO GLAM!

I want these framed in my house.

This is one of my fave photos!  She is giving us Monroe realness.  I think that is why she was so stunning, she looked like a healthy yet sexy woman and not a bag of bones (also why I love Kate Upton and say that she reminds me so much of Anna Nicole the Model).

Will you be watching "Anna Nicole?"  I know that it is FOR SURE on OJ&B's Must See Movie list! 

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