5 Questions With Actor And Model Myles Clohessy

Photo courtesy of Myles Clohessy Actor and Model Myles Clohessy Chances are you have seen Myles Clohessy popping up on your TV sc...

Photo courtesy of Myles Clohessy

Actor and Model Myles Clohessy

Chances are you have seen Myles Clohessy popping up on your TV screen on shows like Quantico and Blue Bloods. You have definitely seen him on Instagram and are maybe even one of his 162, 000 followers on the social media platform. Maybe you have spotted Myles in a fitness magazine, clothing campaign or as the model on your favorite Halloween costume in the fall. This guy has been everywhere and we love it! 

Myles Clohessy's star has been rising quickly over the past few years and if you are not aware of the devastatingly handsome and talented actor and model then prepare yourself to start seeing him a lot more in 2019! 

From The Blacklist on NBC to his April 22nd guest appearance on CBS' Bull, Clohessy has been extremely busy acting in all of your favorite network television shows. In June he will be guest starring in two episodes of Instinct on CBS and later this month will be shooting a role the million dollar feature film Martin Eden based on the Jack London book by the same name.

I am so exited that OJ&B was able to chat with the always busy and booked Myles Clohessy for a quick "5 Questions with!" Check out the interview below to find out if acting or modeling came first for Myles, what people are surprised to learn about him, what he loves about being on set, what movie remake he would love to star in and more! 

Photo courtesy of Myles Clohessy

Myles Clohessy on the set of the CBS show Bull

1. What came first? Acting or Modeling and how did you get started?

Myles Clohessy: Acting always came first for me and always will. I think the buisiness is litered with way to many model wanna be actors who don't take the craft seriously and just think they will get by on their good looks, which to an extent some will but it never lasts. My dad is an actor so it was something I grew up with since I was born. Being around sets and Broadway plays was always a constant in my life and really instilled a love for acting in me. Modeling came along post college athletic career when I got brought into Wilhelmina Models, the sports and fitness division, which I am very grateful for. As much as I love acting, the business itself can be very hard sometimes, and Wilhelmina booked me on many a job that really helped me stay afloat during those hard times.

2. One of the last TV shows you touted acting in was Bull on CBS and you are landing a lot of gigs on other popular TV shows. What has that been like for you and what has been your favorite expense so far? 

Myles Clohessy: It has been a really amazing 2019 so far, it really has. I've been lucky to have already guest starred on some major network TV shows this year and last year. Each experience makes you feel like a million bucks, then you go back to being unemployed! Ha ha! So each time I'm lucky enough to be on a set where I'm in the position of a guest star, then recurring, and higher and higher, I'm always soaking it in. Everything from actually being on set acting across big actors to just being in my trailer and eating crafty, its all something every actor should never take for granted because there are many ebs and flows, ups and downs in the business. Just being able to have a job is a blessing. I'd have to say, my up coming roles on Bull and Instinct have been my favorite thus far. Maybe it's because they are my biggest roles so I played a much bigger part in the episode and was on set for multiple weeks so it was a different experience. Each episode I act across some really top notch actors who have been in the business for quite some time. The scenes are going to be fantastic and I think it was just an overall great learning experience for me. Oh, and I get to bare a lot of skin and be pretty evil in both so its going to be great for fans of the show! Those things are always fun Ha ha! 

Photo via Myles Clohessy's Instagram

Myles Clohessy studying lines in New York City

3. You just had a screening of a movie that you were a part of. Tell us more about that and your career as far as film goes.

Myles Clohessy: The screening was for a feature film 'Last Ferry' that I was one of the stars of. It was honestly the best film experience I've ever had. The whole cast and crew were on Fire Island, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, for over a month shooting this film. It was a REALLY special experience for me. The whole cast and crew will remain good friends for the rest of my life and they're all so so talented. I can't wait to work with them again. The movie premiered recently at the British Film Institute, BFI Flare, which is the largest LGTBQ film festival in Europe. It was an amazing experience. Unfortunately the whole cast and crew wasn't there, but the film turned out great, and we sold out the BFI's largest 500 seat theater for all the performances. The audience seemed to love it so it was a really special moment for me seeing all that hard work up on the big screen. I do more TV as of now, but I love balancing all that out with a film or two in the summer time when I can be more available away from network TV jobs. It's a different medium and I think you're able to explore and create a character way more fully than you are in TV which is SO FAST but special in its own way. 

4. What is something that most people would be surprised to learn about you? 

Myles Clohessy: I think people are usually surprised by how much of a goofball, dork I am. I think people see this portrayal of me on my social media or on TV where I'm always playing a villain as you'll see in my upcoming roles. But most people realize after spending even five minutes with me that I'm basically a Golden Retriever, so I've been told many a time. 

Photo via Myles Clohessy's Instagram

Myles Clohessy on set in New York City

5. What is next for you and where can people catch your work?

Myles Clohessy: Next for me is shooting this film in Nantucket in a couple weeks, so I'll be out there for a week or so shooting, which should be fun. I have never been out there and it's a period film which has me super excited because that's always been a dream of mine to work on. Then hopefully after that I'll be working on my favorite show runner/writer's show; a new show currently shooting in NYC.  I won't say any details about it because nothing is set in stone, but it would certainly be a dream come true of mine. 

Bonus: If you could star in a remake of any movie what would it be and why? 

Myles Clohessy: If I could star in a remake of anything I don't think it would even be a movie, it would be starring in a show called Borgia by Tom Fontana. I think it should have lasted a million seasons (then i could have been on it!) but it ran for three seasons following the rise of Rodrigo Borgia to the rise of the Vatican. I'm a huge history buff so to be able to act in anything like that, that's made that masterfully would be a dream come true. I could retire after ha ha and if I HAD to choose a film....it would be Braveheart. FREEEEDOM!!

Photo via Myles Clohessy's Instagram

A modeling shot of Myles Clohessy

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Photo via Orange Juice and Biscuits

Myles Clohessy and Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits at the Prince & Bond SS19 Swimwear fashion show in July 2018

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