The Season Finale of Kell On Earth: Cozies, Kelly And Tons Of Tweeting!

Tonight was the season finale of the Bravo runaway hit Kell On Earth . Kelly Cutrone is a huge fave of mine because she is not afraid to cal...

Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party

Tonight was the season finale of the Bravo runaway hit Kell On Earth. Kelly Cutrone is a huge fave of mine because she is not afraid to call it how she sees it and she treats people equally. Her office is filled with unique people and she encourages them to be themselves all of the time as long as the work gets done.

Tonight's show featured Kelly working on a viral video for OJ&B favorite, DKNY. Kelly was in charge of getting the video shoot together for the DKNY Cozy. They shot the video in different places in NYC without blocking things off or using any permits. The result was super fierce, sexy chaos! People were walking in the shots, firetrucks were going by, time was ticking, but it all came together!

Above: The infamous DKNY Cozies!

My favorite thing about tonight was all of the tweeting! DKNY's PR Girl and Kelly Cutrone decided that they were going to live tweet during the entire show. They also encouraged other's to tweet as well and it was so much fun! I was thrilled when I got a special shout of from DKNY's PR Girl:

dkny: So excited 4 @fuggirls @BagSnob @bryanboy @vogueandcoffee @Recessionista @PurseBlog @JonValdez to join us tonight! P.S. I am NOT on the show

Kelly retweeted (re posted for those not familiar with Twitter slash get your life together) the message as she was with Jane Fonda watching the show in L.A..

I love tweeting during T.V. shows, especially when the people who are in them are tweeting back at the same time. It's like you are in one giant living room and everyone is watching together. Can someone pass the popcorn?

Andrew Mukamal and Stefanie Skinner cracked me up when they posed as a couple planning their wedding so they could taste cakes for Kelly's surprise birthday party. I asked them via twitter if they were having a fab time watching the finale. Here is what Stephanie told me:

stefskinner: RT @JonValdez: of course! @ajmukamal Are you guys having a fab time watching this finale? #dkny #kellonearth

Above: Andrew Mukamal and Stefanie Skinner from Kell On Earth slash People's Revolution.

I LOVE the magic and power of Twitter! It really does bring people together. Thanks to DKNY's PR Girl, I made some really awesome new Twitter friends!

This is one of the many reasons why I love a good Twitter situation! People ALWAYS ask me, "What is so great about Twitter?" You have to experience it for yourself!

Special shout out and hello to all of my new readers and followers! Until next tweet!

*If you love fashion/PR/Kell On Earth then be sure to follow Kelly (@peoplesrev) Stefanie Skinner (@Stefskinner) Andrew Makumal (@AJMakumal) and DKNY's PR Girl (@dkny) on Twitter!!
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