OH WHAT A NIGHT! Rolando Santana Hosted Orange Juice And Biscuits 1st Birthday Party!

On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 fashion designer, Rolando Santana hosted Orange Juice and Biscuits' 1st Birthday Party at his midtown desi...

On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 fashion designer, Rolando Santana hosted Orange Juice and Biscuits' 1st Birthday Party at his midtown design studio.

Rolando Santana's midtown design studio was packed with well wishers, supporters, friends and fans of OJ&B! The word was out that the OJ&B's birthday bash was going to be hot as it was featured on New York City social and party website Guestofaguest.com that night in their "pick of the night's top events."

Above: A screen shot from Guestofaguest.com naming OJ&B's 1st Birthday Party as one of the night's top events and hot parties!

Guest enjoyed amazing cupcakes by OJ&B favorite, Crumbs Bake Shop, as well as munching on the official snack of every single fab event in NYC, Popchips. When you have fab snacks you need a fab bev to go with it and luckily 1947 Beer provided their delicious brew for OJ&B's guest.

Above: What is a party without tasty Crumbs Cupcakes and Popchips?! Below: Guests were LOVING the 1947 Beer. "I don't usually like beer, but I love this," was a statement that I heard often!

As guests were mingling, tingling, snacking away and getting photographed by Leo Alexander, Sarah Charness took the party to an entirely different level with her fierce fluorescent pink seven-string electric violin. She literally impressed everyone at the party! After Sarah performed it was time for the amazing Official Hank to sing his song, 'Life on Stage.' Hank did an amazing job and filled the room with his vocals and charmed the crowd as per usual. I cannot thank these two enough for bringing down the house with their talent!!

Above: Sarah Charness wowing the crowd with her skills and performance. Below: Official Hank belting it for the crowd and singing his song, "Life On Stage.'

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Rolando Santana for being an amazing host and for letting me have my 1st big NYC party for OJ&B at his beautiful midtown design studio. Also, I want to give another HUGE thanks to the sponsors for the party,1947 Beer, Crumbs Bakeshop, Popchips and Brooklyn One Theatre!

Check out some pictures from the from the party taken by Leo Alexander who also took all of the pictures in this post! Thank you so much Leo for being the official photographer for OJ&B's 1st Birthday Party!

Above: Jonathan Valdez with Leo Alexander

Above: From Left To Right: Malu Santana with brother designer and host Rolando Santana.

Above: Karen Biehl and celebrity magician, Matt Wayne, with Eli The Celebrity Chihuahua.

Above: (Left) Artist Serge Strosberg and friend.

Above: Blogger and creator of Tineey & Co. Christine Tsang.

Above: From Left To Right, Publicist Carly Caramanna, Host for We Live FM Adam Wurtzel and We Live FM Owner Salvatore Cannata.

Above: Ashley Speranza and Chris Da Silva.

Above: Actress Haley Turner

Above: Guest look on while Sarah Charness and Official Hank bring down the house.

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  1. Looks like a great time. Happy 1st Bday :)


  2. Thanks for the mention & hosting such a fab time!


  3. Very cool! Looks like a great turn out, nice and classy event :)



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