EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: OJ&B Goes Behind The Scenes Of Olivia Bee's LoveGold Photo Shoot!

Photographer Olivia Bee shooting models in all gold on a golden motorcycle for LoveGold I am so thrilled that I can finally share m...

Photographer Olivia Bee shooting models in all gold on a golden motorcycle for LoveGold

I am so thrilled that I can finally share my behind the scenes photos from Olivia Bee's photo shoot for LoveGold!  The shoot had an awesome edge to it and I love that Olivia brought her creative energy and unique personality into the shoot.  

The evening of shooting took place in Brooklyn, New York and featured two beautiful models in golden outfits and all gold jewelry from Aurora Lopez Mejia and Camilla Dietz Bergeron riding on a golden motorcycle.  I loved working with Olivia because she knows what she wants and she gets behind her camera and she gets it done.  You can really see her passion for the photography come through when she is shooting.  Olivia is on fire right now with magazines like Elle featuring her as one of 20 under 32 successful young fashion professionals and luxury brands like Hermes have utilized her skills in front of and behind the camera.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite behind the scenes shots that I took while Olivia was doing her thing!

I loved being able to snap this moment of model Isabella Farrell as the sun hit her gold cross perfectly.

Fingers stacked with gold make fixing your hair ultra glam.

The gold whistle paired with the gold chain and heart pendant make this jacket sweet and feminine.

I love these close up shots that I snapped of the amazing gold rings and bracelets right before the girls hopped on the motorcycle.

This shot has so much attitude and luxury all in one!

Taking a quick break while the sun sets into the magic hour.

The girls ride on once the lighting is right and then Olivia decides to vamp up the motorcycle.

Olivia really knows how to glam up a gold motorcycle.

The girls get back to work quickly and Olivia happily snaps away doing whatever she needs to do to get the shot, even if she has to brave traffic to do so.

Now that you have seen the behind the scenes shots of this fierce and fun photo shoot, be sure to check out Olivia's final product at LoveGold.com by clicking here.  Stay tuned for more fun adventures in gold!

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