Bruno Mars: A Man in Gold

Musician Bruno Mars arrives at the 2013 Logie Awards at the Crown on April 7, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia gilded in gold!  (Photo by S...

Musician Bruno Mars arrives at the 2013 Logie Awards at the Crown on April 7, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia gilded in gold!  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

There has always been this strange mirroring of Bruno Mars' style and my own.  I have an affinity for big hair and pompadours and people would always tell me that my hair resembled his.  I love bow ties and hats and he loves them too.  Now Bruno and I share a love for gold accessories. 

In the February 2013 issue of InStyle Magazine Bruno was photographed wearing gold accessories.  As I was doing research for this post I noticed that he seems to love to wear the same gold pieces in various ways like most people who own gold pieces that they love.  "...I've always had a thing for pawnshop gold..." Bruno told InStyle when asked about his wardrobe.  He says that he loves gold that has a story and likes to wear pieces that you would see on a pirate like rings and pendants.

"Pawnshops are actually a secret among gold aficionados looking to get a good deal on unique pieces to add to a collection," says Lauren Kaminsky a.k.a ByGoldGirl, a third generation pawn broker in New York City.  "Many reach out to me personally to find pieces for them and set up private appointments to avoid shopping in the 'pawn shop,' but reaping the benefits at the same time."

Me wearing two yellow gold I.D. bracelets from Lauren Kaminsky's collection.

The fact that Bruno Mars loves pawn shop gold also mirrors my style aesthetic as I also love to look for fashion and accessories in places most people would not. 

Bruno Mars sings with Sting at the 2013 Grammy Awards decked out in yellow gold.  Notice his gold pendant that he loves to wear.  He also wears the pendant on the October 2012 Billboard Magazine Cover.

This look is super simple yet it looks so amazing! The gold really brings the outfit to another level.  A button up shirt that is buttoned all the way is my favorite way to wear a gold necklace or chain like I did in L.A. during Oscar's week with a yellow gold chain from Aurora Lopez Mejia.

 If you are a guy and you need someone to look for for style inspiration Bruno Mars is an excellent choice especially if you want to incorporate great gold looks into your life!  You can also follow my Instagram (RetroDanceParty) and Twitter!

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