My Birthday Wishlist: Golden Rings

I love a good golden ring As you many know, I love statement rings!  Lately, I have noticed that more and more men are making a ret...

I love a good golden ring

As you many know, I love statement rings!  Lately, I have noticed that more and more men are making a return to fun rings.  They may not be as bold and crazy as I am willing to wear (the bigger the better for me) but guys are willing to take more risks with jewelry.  My birthday is on July 27th and I decided to compile a wish list of gold rings that I would love to have on my fingers.

I have fallen in love with signet rings this year and I really want a yellow gold signet from Camilla Dietz Bergeron.  I think so look so sharp, especially for evening events.  This one would be perfect for me because my sign is Leo and the lion is ready to roar!

Another designer that I have been coveting for a while now is Hoorsenbuhs.  Their rings have a fun edge to them and I would love to rock this yellow gold ring.  It really goes with everything and it is sure to be a piece that opens up conversations with people. I am wearing the pave version in the first picture and I felt like such a rockstar!

There is nothing wrong with a yellow gold ring with a stone for men.  It adds flair and fun and it shows that you are fashion forward.  I love the green stone in the ring about and the amber colored stone in the ring below goes well with a dapper look. I want both!

Last but not least, these rings from Neil Lane are beyond perfect for any man to have.  You can dress them up or down and they will add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.  The yellow gold ring with the onyx stone is so chic and the blue stone look very lux.  You can't go wrong with either!


This statement ring from Munnu is for the daring! It is made as a women's ring but I want to own and wear it! I think it is a beautiful piece of art and I love the way the diamond is dangling from the bird's beak.  This ring has a good weight to it as well so you really feel the luxury when you have it on your finger. I love when you can feel the weight of the gold!

On July 27th, I would love to find a wrapped box with any of these rings inside.  A good gold ring can take you places!

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