OJ&B Visits Platt Boutique Jewelry In L.A.

A tray of yellow gold jewelry at Platt Boutique Jewelry in West Hollywood, California Casper Smart literally has the world at his f...

A tray of yellow gold jewelry at Platt Boutique Jewelry in West Hollywood, California

Casper Smart literally has the world at his fingertips and can choose wherever he wants to shop for any occasion.  When it came to the his girlfriend J.Lo's 44th birthday, Casper chose Platt Boutique Jewelry in West Hollywood, California.  He also chose vintage yellow gold.

Casper Smart purchased this 1970's yellow gold and diamond buckle motif bracelet as well as this yellow gold and diamond buckle motif ring from the 1940's from Platt Boutique Jewelry.

A few days after J.Lo's birthday I took a trip to Platt Boutique Jewelry in West Hollywood, California to check out their amazing collection of vintage gold jewelry.  It was a special trip because I had to chance to pull anything that caught my eye just for OJ&B.  The phones were ringing with press wanting to know the details of Casper's purchase and I was snapping away in the background.  Here is what I found...
Founded in 2005 by siblings Larry Platt and Natasha Tsimmerman, Platt Boutique is the vintage destination for jewelry connoisseurs, engagement ring shoppers, the fashion cognoscenti and those with an appreciation for the art of a time gone by.  Pieces like the ones below are what keep all of these people coming back for more.

I loved this Victorian Era love bird pendant in yellow gold with old mine diamonds because it reminds me of the LoveGold magpie logo.  It is chic and can go with a ton of outfits.

Nautical motifs are super hot right now and have been a classic staple in fashion for decades.  This French Victorian era anchor motif locket in yellow gold, black onyx and seed pearls is the perfect thing for the last summer weekends in the Hamptons.

I fell in love with these 18K yellow gold padlock cufflinks by Hermes.  They make a great statement and would go with any suit.  I really need slash want to wear these to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week next month!  The tent would go crazy.

Another pair of cufflinks that I melted over were these 18K yellow gold stag cufflinks by Tiffany &Co.. The detailing is amazing in the eyes and the fur.  Another piece that had spectacular detailing was this pair of 1950's yellow gold hourse racing cufflinks (below).  These cufflinks have a tiny spring in them that allow the gate to be opened and the horse to move as if it is racing.  I have never seen anything like it!  The craftsmanship is out of control!

This Victorian era lion locket in yellow gold with old mine diamonds would be a hit with Rhianna.  I can totally see her rocking it and I can also see people gagging over it in the streets of Brooklyn.

Another piece that would send the kids in Billyburg running is this Victorian era lighting bolt pendant in rose gold with old cut diamonds.  I am so impressed with how fashion forward the Victorian era was.  Fashion pulls so many things from this era.  The pieces look like they were made yesterday which is a big reason that I love gold.  It lasts forever!

I could not get over this Edwardian era starburst pendant in yellow gold with old cut diamonds. This really needs to happen during the 2014 awards season.  It would be a shame for it not to have a red carpet moment. Now let's talk about my favorite accessory... gold rings!

How good is this Victorian era poison ring in yellow gold with enamel and and green emerald?  The ring opens up and has a small cavity in it.  Apparently way back in the day, people would quickly open the ring and dump poison in people's drinks. The blue on this ring is insane.  It is truly a piece of art.

I am obsessed with these yellow gold gypsy rings in with old mine cut diamonds from the 1930's and 40's.  At first I thought that they were wedding rings but Larry Platt informed me that men wore them for fashion reasons.  I can only imagine what dapper guys wore these rings.  Men used to know how to do it right.  It will be interesting to see if the gypsy setting will come back into fashion anytime soon.  

The last piece that I absolutly fell in love with at Platt Boutique Jewelry is this 1950's yellow gold charm bracelet.  My favorite charms are the carosel and the traffic light.  This bracelet had a good weight to it which is always nice when you are wearing gold.

Thanks so much to Larry Platt of Platt Boutique Jewelry for letting me stop by the boutique and play with all of these amazing gold pieces!  If you are in L.A, and you are looking for amazing gold accesories then you have to make a stop by Platt.  I highly recommend it if you are a guy looking for amazing pieces.  Those cufflinks are unreal!

Larry Platt

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