Miley Minaj? Only on Halloween!

Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj during her ultra private Hollywood Halloween bash *Photo via Miley's Twitter "@NickiMinaj you a s...

Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj during her ultra private Hollywood Halloween bash *Photo via Miley's Twitter

"@NickiMinaj you a stupppppiddddd hoe #stupittttstupitttt."  That is the tweet that Miley "Destiney Hope" Cyrus tweeted with the above photo on Halloween night during her annual Halloween party that was on super lock down.

Page Six reports that Miley's recent Party in the U.S.A. had a super tight guest list with no cell phones allowed and one insider reported that "all guest had to sign a confidentiality agreement." YIKES!  I guess if I had b-day party with a Bob Marley cake where I spoke of weed, along with that other party she threw that resulted in leaked videos from her "friends" of her smoking weed, I would make people sign an agreement too.

Despite the lock down and confidentiality agreements, It was leaked (surprised?) that Miley was apparently dancing like crazy on the stage and that guests included her fiance Liam Hemsworth that was dressed in a unicorn costume and Zac Efron dressed as a "Brokeback Mountain" cowboy with actor Ryan Rottman.  

Wait... Liam was a unicorn and Zefron was a gay cowboy with some random ass D list actor... OH EM GEE! Maybe all of the hush hush was so that Miley's fiance could finally have a super fabulous over the top gay Halloween bash for all of his fierce (if you know what I mean) Hollywood friends. Hmmmm. As soon as any unicorn or cowboy Zefron photos surface I will be sure to Tweet them out so be on the look out!  

My fave part of the write up was "...Pharell Williams who came as himself." too cool for school I guess (insert aint nobody got time for that gif here).  As for Ms. Minaj herself?  Well she told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show she’d wear a Cyrus costume for Halloween in return. "I think I'm going to probably go as Miley Cyrus. Because she is going as me and I just saw her picture on Twitter. I could do the short blonde buzz-cut like Miley,” Minaj said (in a really creepy Roman voice I hope).  

Forget Nicki dressing as Miley for Hween!  I wish that she would have dressed up as Mariah, HOW EPIC WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun HWEEN!
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