VIDEO: OJ&B Parties and Bullsh**ts With Rita Ora At The Absolut Tune Launch Party

Rita Ora Sings her hit song 'How We Do (Party)' during her surprise performance at the Absolut Tune Launch at the Boom Boom Room ...

Rita Ora Sings her hit song 'How We Do (Party)' during her surprise performance at the Absolut Tune Launch at the Boom Boom Room in NYC

Last night Absolut Vodka launched their most anticipated innovation yet, Absolut Tune.  Paying homage to each of our unique personalities and enhanced by the duality of sparkle and spirit Absolut Tune is a fusion of premium vodka and sparkling white wine.  Something like this just had to be celebrated so the Vodka brand took to the infamous Boom Boom Room at the top of The Standard Hotel were the drinks poured and the good times rolled thanks to hosts Charlotte Ronson and Solange Knowles

The best part of the night had to have been when up and coming recording artist Rita Ora hit the stage for a surprise performance of her hits 'How We Do (Party)' and R.I.P."  The crowd went crazy when Rita hit the stage and she sang her ass off!  I was really impressed with her amazing singing voice!  Check out the video below of Rita singing 'How We Do (Party)':

Rita stated that she wanted to open with 'How We Do' because it is what came out in the states first.  After she got the crowd going Rita sat on the piano and did a special version of her hit "R.I.P."  Her voice was everything!  She killed it vocally and looked stunning doing it! 

The thing I liked the most about Rita is how nice and humble she was during all of this.  Before the performance Rita was on the side of the stage getting her mic and ear pieces ready to go.  While she was gearing up to hit the stage she acknowledged her fans and posed for people's cameras. On stage she was very charming and sweet and talked about how NYC had the best crowds.  I was in heaven when Rita and I had a little moment while she was performing.  She sang to me and we danced a bit.  After her performance she stayed on stage to let people take photos and then she thanked everyone and left (I feel that is so rare when some artists).  As she left my friend Kat and I were able to tell her how amazing she was.  Rita thanked me, shook my hand and told me that I looked great as she eyed my outfit.  You know I almost melted on the floor! All I can say if RITA BETTER TWERK!   I really hope that she keeps her sweet spirit and attitude and stays humble!  We need more of that from our pop stars!  Check out exclusive photos from last night's party below:

Above: I love the bar at the Boom Boom Room. It always makes me feel so chic!  The balloons and decorations for last night's event were perfect!

Above: The stage for the Absolut Tune launch party

Above and Below: Rita prepping for her performance

Above: Rita takes time to smile for OJ&B as she gets ready.  Such a doll and I am obsessed with her jacket!

Above: Samantha Ronson killing it like she always does on her 1's and 2's.  She seemed to be having a great time last night and took time to pose for OJ&B.  Thanks Samantha we lurve you and your sister Charlotte!

I love giant balloons and shiny decorations!  The halls were lined with all sorts of fun!  Congrats to Absolut Vodka on the new Absolut Tune.  And thanks for the surprise performance by Rita, it was everything!

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