Video: Miley Mocks Lohan, Disney and The Biebs on SNL

Photo credit: Mary Ellen Matthews As soon as I heard that Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus was hosting SNL I knew that it was goin...

Photo credit: Mary Ellen Matthews

As soon as I heard that Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus was hosting SNL I knew that it was going to be a blogger's dream (I also thought it was "Pretty Cool")! I had a feeling it was going to be a pop culture explosion of Miley making fun over her co- pop artists and current hot messes but what actually happened surpassed my expectations like whoa!

The first week of March was an SNL wet dream! Charlie Sheen going cray cray with his goddesses, X-Tina going to jail, John Galliano ranting and raving and so much more. SNL and Miley managed to poke fun at all of these things in the first 3 minuets of air time. I was LOLing to the max at the opening skit with Charlie Sheen's show "Duh, Winning!" Then Lohan and Behold, there was Miley Cyrus making fun of Lindsanity Lohan. All I could think was "yaaay!"

After the opening skit it was time for Miley's Monologue. She touched on every major scandal or "black swan moment" that people made a big deal of during her career via a musical number about how she isn't perfect. At one point Miley warbles, "Don't both of those things seem worse than a bong" while encouraging the audience to agree with her. That is totally how I like to set the record straight in my life, with a huge, witty musical number.

I was also laughing out loud when Keenan Thompson and Andy Samburg did the skit about the two other members of the Black Eyed Peas, Apl.de.ap and Taboo. Every time they would mention Fergie, Miley would appear on stage as her. I really wish that Fergie would appear everytime I said her name.

If you dream of your child being on a Disney show then you should make them watch the sketch where Miley and Keenan Thompson as Raven Simon promote the Disney Channel School of acting. Techniques include being the loudest person in the room, bright pink hoodies with huge ass flowers on them, spying from a doorway, the pause and dis, eating then freezing and entering on a scooter! My favorite part was when "Raven's character name was Jamantha. Wow, no they didn't!

"The Miley Cyrus Show" is a skit that really took off on SNL and everyone was talking about what Miley might do to be a part of it. I was actually surprised when Miley came out as Justin Beiber. They scary thing was how much she actually looked like him. I LOVE Vanessa Bayer's impression of Miley Cyrus! I wonder how she felt about impersonating her to her face and touching on the Salvia smoking and making fun of her dad.

I have to give props to Miley for her SNL performance. A lot of people thought it would be horrible but I knew it would be epic! Miley was actually decent on Hannah Montana and she played a ton of characters during the shows run. The only thing I had trouble with was the shakiness is Miley's voice EVERYTIME she sang. What was that all about?

A side note to Miley: Lindsay Lohan also hosted SNL and made fun of all her problems and a few peopel and now look at her! I am not saying that it will happen to you but just watch out gurrrl!

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  1. I still thought Miley was mediocre, and I liked Charlie Sheen's skit and the BEP. You may notice, that Miley was not in either of those skits other than a few seconds. :) Heheh hehehe BUT thanks for blogging about it :)



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