Worked Her Dress Or Looked A Mess: The Met Gala 2014

Photo by Katherine Bernard via Vogue.com Arizona Muse, Jourdan Dunn, Toni Garrn, Kendall Jenner and Liu Wen stun at the Met Gala 2014...

Photo by Katherine Bernard via Vogue.com

Arizona Muse, Jourdan Dunn, Toni Garrn, Kendall Jenner and Liu Wen stun at the Met Gala 2014

On Monday, May 5, 2014 fashion and Hollywood's A-listers feted Charles James, one of America's greatest couturiers, for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala. The annual event has been a social calendar highlight since 1948 and always brings out the biggest names and the best in worst in fashion.  This year the Met's Costume Institute was also celebrating the newly named Anna Wintour Costume Center in honor of Vogue's legendary and iconic editor-in-chief.  The ribbon cutting was done by none of than the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama (talk about your grand opening)!

This year's Met Gala them of "White Tie & Decorations," as well as the honoring of Charles James, insured that there would be a grand return of big, beautiful ball gowns to the Met Gala! We saw many successes and many messes so without further ado, lets check out who worked their dress and who looked a mess!

Worked Her Dress:
Photo via Vogue.com

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova looked like a complete dream and totally got the concept and theme of the night in this Marchesa ball gown.  I was really happy that she stepped it up several notches this year as last year she looked like a street walker (it was really bad).  I always give props when props are due and This dress is probably my favorite of the evening! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Sarah Jessica Parker 

Sarah Jessica Parker always knows how to slay at huge events and Monday night was no exception!  She looked beyond in this gown by Oscar de la Renta but the reason why I did not choose her as my favorite look of the night (she was my pick last year) is because the end of the train had the Oscar de la Renta logo/signature on it.  I am not a big fan of large logos being on clothing, especially on a ball gown.  When I see a logo on someone's ass I think of a Juicy Couture outfit and that is not cute.  Also it just seemed like SJP was their racing car for the evening with advertising all over it.  A brand like Oscar does not need to display its logo on a gown for people to know that it is ODLR!.  

Photo via Vogue.com

Dita Von Teese 

I still cannot get over how gorgeous this Zac Posen gown was on Dita Von Teese. It is perfection in every way and I think it might be my favorite thing that Dita has ever worn.  Posen had a really big night at the Met Gala with lots of ladies wearing his gowns.  I give Dita 10's across the board! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Liu Wen

It is Liu Wen for the win in this gorgeous gown from Zac Posen (I told you he had a huge night).  So many of his designs were perfect for the night's theme.  Maybe it is the southern boy in me but I am a sucker for a huge ball gown!  She looked like a modern day Scarlet O'Hara. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Arizona Muse

Model Arizona Muse was another lady having a full ball gown moment and giving us O'Hara realness.  This red Ralph & Russo Couture gown was right on point for the theme this year.  Talk about being "Gone with the Wind" fabulous! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Kendall Jenner

Have you been keeping up with Kendall Jenner this year?  If so you know that she is having a gigantic moment in fashion right now and the Met ball was no exemption.  Can you believe that the gown she wore is from Topshop? 

Photo via Vogue.com

Donatella Versace

If you are an avid follower of OJ&B then you know that I am obsessed with Donatella Versace.  I put her on my best dressed list because I honestly think that she worked her dress.  If this gown were on anyone else I doubt they would be able to work it well.  Donatella knows how two wear the garment and not have the garment wear her.  

Photo via Vogue.com

Janelle Monae 

Can we talk about Janelle Monae for a second?  This is an amazing look that Janelle executed flawlessly.  The cape was by Fashion Week fave Todashi Shoji and it was impeccable! Janelle has always done her own thing when it comes to style and this is an excellent example of following the beat of your own drum while still honoring the theme of the night.  Janelle is class all the way! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Suki Waterhouse 

First of all I am obsessed with Suki's name!  Second of all I am obsessed with Suki's Burberry moment in this Burberry gown!  She looks like perfection and this dress fits the theme very well.  If I were Suki I would have this photographed enlarged and framed and then hang it above my fireplace.  Whenever I needed a remainder of how fierce I am I could just glance up. Side note: don't you want to go get sushi and sake with Suki?

Photo via Vogue.com

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers and not just for his brilliant design aesthetic.  I love the way he embodies and lives his brand and makes you want to be a part of his chic and sexy world (see photo above for an example).  He is also a fellow Texan and the things he does with men's clothing just does something to me.  Mr. Ford (as he likes to be called) looks dashing and dapper in his white tie and tails which is what a majority of the men in attendance wore to the Met Gala.  It really brings back a time when proper dress code for events were strictly followed and people put effort into there clothing when they walked out of the house. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Say what you will about Kim and Kanye but I love me some Kimye in Lanvin.  I am obsessed with Kim K. and I think that she was smart to wear something simple and elegant this year after her debut last year landed her on a ton of worst dressed list.  Also, Kim's hair was laid like North West taking a nap! Kanye is of course wearing an amazing suite with tails as per the theme.  I like that he made it his own yet still looked dapper. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds 

The couple to beat for the night had to have been Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The Gucci clad couple channeled old Hollywood and looked like a dream.  This is how you step out for red carpet date night! Everything about this couple on this night was brilliant.  I love seeing celebrities look like a glammed out celebrity! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Posh & Becks 

David and Victoria Beckham A.K.A Posh and Becks usually shut it down as a dynamic fashion duo.  Becks looked phenomenally dapper and killed it with this Ralph Lauren Black Label suite (loving the pocket square detailing) and basically out fashioned Posh.  Don't get me wrong, Victoria looks smashing but I just wanted to see more from her from the met ball.  To me she looks like a lamp post with a lamp shade wrapped around her chest.  Basically David B landed them on my best dressed list.  Sorry Posh! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Sarah Silverman & Michael Sheen

I put Sarah Silverman on my best dressed list because, as I said, I love giving credit where credit is due.  Sarah has had a lot of fashion mishaps in the past but she looks simply stunning in this Zac Posen gown.  Good job Sarah!  I expect you to keep it up! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

This Met Gala themed seemed tailor made for Johnny Depp.  Of course he was going to come correct and be a modern dandy delight.  The decorations are perfect and the spats and cane are an amazing touch.  I would wear this is exact look if I had gone but I would have also worn my gloves on the carpet and had a top hat!  Amber Heard looks stunning too but I feel like we are in an era of Men starting to outshine their ladies in the fashion department! 

Looked A Mess:

Photo via Vogue.com

Anna Wintour 

Anna, this dress is PERFECT for the Met Gala... LAST YEAR! Am I right? the jarring black lines on this Chanel dress reads sort of punk to me like as if it were spray painted on.  Since this year was elegant and feminine I think Anna should have worn something that was more appropriate for the theme.  As always though, that face was beat for the god's and that bob on her head was snatched for decades! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Gabrielle Union

Um... Gabrielle, I am going to tell you what you told Kirsten Dunst in "Bring It On," YOU BETTER BRING IT!  If you are going to the Met Gala you need to research the theme and then follow through accordingly.  Even if you outfit is not 100% on the theme it at least needs to at least hint at the theme.  This does none of that.  I am not clocking the outfit but it was just not right for the Met Gala this year.  She is beyond gorgeous and I bet she would have rocked a ball gown like no other! 

Photo via Vogue.com

Chloe Sevigny

Good evening America.  It's recently come to my attention that this outfit was not cute of the Met Ball.  I feel like this is something that Chloe would wear to grab a cocktail or for an event at a hotel.  This is not Chloe stepping it up a notch and with her resources to absurd clothing I would expect her to bring out the big guns. Also, I know the 90's are happening again but do we really need to promote spaghetti straps? 

Photo via Vogue.com

Kate Upton

Kate Upton, WTF is this? If you are not known for doing bold fashion looks year round then you cannot pull of something that looks like a costume.  This garment is wearing Kate and she looks like she does not feel confident in this look.  Her face reads "OMG I can't believe I have this on!"  It just is not working for me or for her. Also, that necklace is all kinds of wrong for this getup. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Lena Dunham

Lena, you are on the cover of Vogue for crying out loud!  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!  This dress is not a Met Gala dress.  This would have been cute for like a Tribeca Film Festival party or a Girls season premiere party but not the Met Gala.  At least she has on heels!  You are getting there Lena.  Keep up the good work.  The good news is that you do not look busted. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Kristen Stewart

Where did K Stew crawl out from? Notice how she is smiling (It only took 5 years for her to do so).  The look is a mess and should be worn to some bad cocktail party, not the Met Gala. Again, I am just glad that she is smiling and acting like she is actually happy to be someplace that she should feel honored to be at. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Katie Holmes

Tale as old as time... Word on the village streets is that Belle is pissed that Katie came to the castle and mopped her gown that she fell in love with Beast in.  I heard that Belle is going to have all of Katie's furniture and tea sets turn on her if she does not return this gown before the last rose petal falls. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Shailene Woodley

Looks like Shailene Woodley and K Stew has a sleep over and went shopping at some weird garage sale together. There is way too much going on with this dress and I am not sure how she was like "THIS IS IT!  PERFECT FOR THE MET GALA!" Mess!

Photo via Vogue.com

Stacy Martin

Stacy Martin looks like she just rushed from her PR job after press previews and stopped by the Met Gala before heading home.  That skirt is not OK for any formal event and the top is way to casual.  Melissa Joan Heart better check her archives because I am pretty sure that a hand bag and a pair of shoes are missing from her "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" party days. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Zooey Deschanel 

Zooey looks as surprised as I am that she wore this to the Met Gala.  She is currently working with Tommy Hilfiger on a collection and I hope this is not a representation of that. It looks like a slip is coming out of the dress and it is too casual for this occasion.  This is great for a black tie wedding but not when you are the star of your own show and you have to walk a carpet at the Met Gala. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Jenna Lyons 

Jenna Lyons usually has really amazing style but Met Gala night was not the case.  She sorta looks like Lucy Liu in "Kill Bill" during that snow fight scene but after Uma already comes for her and they have been fighting for a good 10 minutes. The two gentleman look great and are totally part of her Crazy 88. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 

NPH and hubby DB..? would so not get a high five from Barney for these suits.  I get that he was wearing Thom Browne (who I love) but there is way too much going on.  You are giving me white tie with tails and a cumber bun which I love but then you are doing a short pant?  It is too much look.  The reason most short pant looks look great is because they are done with classic suites styles.  The simplicity of it gives room for a high water feel that looks very fashion.  This just looks like their pants are too short and they forgot to wear socks.  

Photo via Vogue.com

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like she came to the Met Gala to announce that she was was going to play Joseph in a very progressive production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I would have like to have seen Jake with a more groomed beard and a more dapper hair style and really in white tie and tails. 

Photo via Vogue.com

Lupita Nyong'o 

Nyong' OH how the mighty have fallen!  Lupita was the fashion darling of award season and could have really killed it again for the met ball but unfortunately this happened.  It looks fun and festive and is an amazing Prada outfit for something somewhere at sometime but not for this Met Gala.  I get that people can have fun and wear costume like things to the Met Gala but it needs to be the correct kind of costume.  This year it was all about huge ball gowns.  I kinda feel like someone was hating on her amazing fashion run and told her the wrong theme for the event.  Even in a crazy outfit Lupita is still gorgeous as can be! So basically she can wear anything she wants.  We are just addicted to her bombshell, stunning outfits and we wanted more!! 

That is all for the Worked Her Dress or Looked a Mess Met Gala edition!  Until next year guys and gals!! 

P.S. Please feel free to voice you opinions in the comment section below!  Who do you think worked their dress or looked a mess?
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  1. Haha omg I cant deal with this post looved it! Totally agree with ur choices Lui Wen though stole my heart and so did Suki they were top for me and though I couldnt deal with Donatellas puke green grown and those nasty gold buckle things on her dreas she's a mess for me but literally I feel just awful for gab union If I met her I'd tell her to FIRE EVERONEEE she looks like a last minute haloween costume like a garbage bag with random things stuck on and messy ass hair like at least if her hair and make up was turnt up but no!! I dont think i'd even let my worst eneny rock up to the Met Gala like that literally. aha my fave quote of yours though had to be be ' that face was beat for the god's and that bob on her head was snatched for decades' I have GOT to start saying that yaas Loove this post xox


  2. AWWW! Well thank you so much! I am so glad that you loved the post!! -Jonathan



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