Worked Her Dress Or Looked A Mess: The Met Gala 2013

The grand entrance to the 2013 Met Gala at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC On May 6, 2013 the Metropolitan Museum of Art ...

The grand entrance to the 2013 Met Gala at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

On May 6, 2013 the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City held their annual Costume Institute Gala hosted by Vogue.   This event has been an annual affair at the Met since 1948 and is considered to be fashion's "night of nights."  It is probably the biggest social event in the New York City social calendar as only the cream of the crop are invited to attend. 

For me it is a dream come true as the night is a mix of celebrities (my fave) and fashion (my second fave).  Everyone has their eye on what people are wearing and OJ&B is no exception.  This year's theme, "Punk: Chaos to Couture," proved to cause more outfit chaos than ever.  So many people had no idea what to wear and boy did it show! 

Enough with the small talk... let's get down to who WORKED HER DRESS AND WHO LOOKED A MESS!

Worked Her Dress:
Anne Hathaway

I have to give it to Anne Hathaway.  She finally stopped dressing like a hot ass mess and looked perfect for the theme of the night!  As you all may know she annoys me like no other and I am not a Hathaway fan but I am also not a hater!  When someone looks amazing I always give them props!  This is why it annoys me when people disagree with my opinion and try to call me a hater.  I don't hate, I truth! If you look like a trashy mess I will let you know but when it's right... IT'S RIGHT!

Coco Rocha

Coco looks great because it really looks like she is doing punk her way and in what she feels comfortable wearing.  She knows how to work and sell a look.

Anja Rubik

This outfit is beyond perfect for a black tie punk gala.  The pop of red is perfect and the funky cut and sleeves with the detailing at the bottom just makes this outfit a total win for this night.  Now people, it is all about the right outfit for the right occasion.  Keep in mind some of these outfits would not have worked for another event or night.

Donatella Versace
Donatella worked the hell out of this!  It is a perfect marriage of punk and couture!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Leave it to Gwen to always know how to come with her A game.  This dress is so right, so good and so Gwen!  Sure it kind of looks like a tied up trash bag but it works for the Punk theme.  I am glad that Gavin wore something with pattern and muted color.  The guys that wore traditional tuxes were the worst.

Miley Cyrus

Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus looked amazing in this dress!  The hair was crazy but it was very punk.  I think should should have just worn here hair how she wears it every day (it looks very edgy) and let the dress speak for itself!

Julie Macklowe

It's fun, it's loud it's abrasive, it's punk!  I love her look for this event.


I mean you really cannot eff with Madge!  She looks like punk perfection and she has the attitude to sell everything about this look! I also love that she was the ultimate diva and was the very last celeb to walk the red carpet! MADONNA FOREVES Y'ALL! (P.S. My friend Krissy said that she looked like a beginner tranny that had a free shopping spree to Hot Topic, I don't agree but it was too funny not to mention)!


Sarah Jessica Parker

Come on now it is SJP!  She knows how to shut it down and make an entrance.  I loved her custom made Philip Treacy hat and how it resembled a mohawk.  A ton of people said they hated it but it is the COSTUME GALA and the theme was PUNK.  To me punk is about doing your own thing and the boots and the dress and the head piece was perfection.  I would want to rock that head piece if I had gone!

*Double bonus points for SJP, she also went with the man that I thought had the most brilliant and perfect outfit for the theme, Hammish Bowles.  You can read all about is outfit and how it was made by clicking here!

Hamish Bowles and Sarah Jessica Parker


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Kimye)

First of all, Kanye looked OK but he looked a mess because he literally was looking into every camera that was around him and posing for his life.  No matter what Kim was doing Kanye was just giving face for days.  What is that all about? Then there is Kim... GUUUUUURRRL!  This is not 100% your fault other than you approved it (and wore it) but what was the designer and the stylist thinking?  Also, didn't you have a private meeting with Anna Wintour the night before?  Doesn't she approve most of the big celebs outfits?  Anna WTF happened?  Y'all must have been smoking something strong for everyone in the room to be like "YAAAS!  Kim this dress is EVERYTHNG!" Poor KIM!

Anna Wintour

There is nothing wrong with this dress but it is not right for the Punk themed Met Ball.  I wanted to see Anna step out of the box and wear something with spikes or put some streaks in her hair.  If the host does not dress to the theme, how the hell is anyone else suppose to be expected to? Can I get an Amen, up in here? I guess she wanted to match Kim K.

Heidi Klum

Hedi I love you like a love song but this dress is all wrong!  And is that a two piece? I guess she figured it look like it was from 1998 so she would be alright.

Bee Shaffer

Hailee Stienfeld

These girls said that they were going to the met gala in a classic gown and they don't care what the theme is!  Bee's dress looks great but it is not right for the Punk theme.  It is also too plan for the Met Ball in general.  Hailee thinks that Avril Lavigne is punk so that explains this really bad dress.  Not only is it not punk, the length is bad and it is way too old for her. I thinks she walked into the wrong party and was suppose to be at a debutante ball across the street.

Karolina Kurkova

Oh no, Kaolina the theme was Punk not street walker.  There is a difference Boo!  I cannot stand short cocktail length dresses at a formal event.

LaLa Anthony

Remember that debutante ball across the street?  I think LaLa Anthony was booked as the lobby lounge singer.  This dress would have been OK for another event but how is this punk and how is this met ball worthy? Where is her purse in the shape of a tip bucket?

Jessica Alba

Oh Jessica "don't call me Latina" Alba.  Yes this dress is made with leather but that does not make it punk just like you saying you are not Latina does not make you a white girl.  More like MESSica Alba!

Ashley Olsen

Well maybe on someone else this would have been awful but it is one of the O Twins so of course I LOVE IT!  She isn't on the "Looked a mess" list so much as I wanted to end this post with her outfit. 

That's all for this edition of "Worked her dress or looked a mess!" Until next time!
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