Sarah Jessica Parker And Anna Wintour Dish About The Met Gala on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour stop by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about the Met Gala. When you think of late night ...

Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour stop by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about the Met Gala.

When you think of late night talk show guest you usually think of an actor, singer or even a writer that is going on to promote their latest project.  You would never really think that the chair and co-chair of a huge charity event would go on and discuss their mega evening and how much money was raised... but it happened and I am oh so glad it did! 

SJP and AW went on Late Night with Seth Meyers and dished on all things met ball.  The event raised $12 million for the museum this year which Anna said was a "record."  Anna dished on what it was like to have Oprah be a co- chair for events in the past and said that people bowed to her in the receiving line.  She even gave details on what George Clooney would tell guest the year that he was involved.  But just what is it like to co-chair an event with the infamous Anna Wintour?  SJP admits in the interview that she was reprimanded by Anna very early in the receiving line.  So what was the issue? "She talks too much," Anna exclaimed.  SJP then goes on to explain the strange but amazing way that Anna can meet someone and let them know with nonverbal communication that it will be a very short greeting and then moves on.  

I love the fact that after all of these years SJP is still nice and humble.  I get that Anna has done the event for 16 years but when you ask someone to shell out $25,000 dollars for a ticket, the least you can do is ask about a guests wife/husband/baby daddy/grandma/mama. Dang Anna! 

The fashion icons then went about critiquing the men of the Met Gala's outfits via the prompting of Seth but even he was not safe.  Wintour jokingly got onto him for not wearing a jacket with coattails. She even said that the very dapperly dressed Bradley Cooper missed the mark by a half percent.  Most people would have said that he did everything correct but in a very "The Devil Wears Prada" moment Vogue's editor-in-chief states that Bradley's studs were Onyx when they should have indeed been mother of pearl (I guess the devil really is in the details)!  This is probably why Anna's assistants are so stressed out.  One wrong accessory choice and you are out on the curb like last month's issue (and last month's assistant)!

Great job Seth on trying to change things up a bit.  And by that I mean Anna Wintour's daughter Bea Shaffer works on the show as a segment producer and totally hooked and cooked this up I am sure (thankfully).

Check out the fashionable interview below:

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