In Loving Memory Of Blockbuster Video (1985-2013)

The Blockbuster Membership card.. WOW! Photo via Obsolesence Project "Wow! What a difference, Blockbuster Video!"  That...

The Blockbuster Membership card.. WOW!

"Wow! What a difference, Blockbuster Video!"  That is the Blockbuster commercial jingle from back in the day that I remember as a 90's kid and now all of the stores are officially going bye bye (ain't no lie). 

This past Saturday, SNL did a tribute to the end of Blockbuster with a rather odd skit featuring a bunch of guys named Mike with gauge ear piercings being laid off from Blockbuster and being lost without the movie rental chain.  I may not be lost without Blockbuster but like so many 90's kids, I have the fondest memories of Blockbuster and I cannot let it end its days without a proper goodbye.  

Please join me in remembering our dear Blockbuster for it was there to comfort you on so many lonely "movie nights."
I know that the times are a changing' but Blockbuster closing just seems so crazy to me even though it makes total sense.  Remember the days of getting off of your ass and driving to Blockbuster?  You could not just get on Netflix and scroll though the movie titles.  In fact, scrolling through the movie titles at Blockbuster meant slowly walking around the outside wall where the new movie releases were and moving your head up and down from the top to the bottom shelf to see what was available for rent.  This also meant occasionally bumping into someone or yes, even reaching for that last video available for rent and deciding if it was worth fighting over. (I wonder how many people met their spouses this way).  After all the store was always filled with people in pajamas for no reason other than to proclaim that yes they have no plans to go out and are not looking like they are even trying to go out.  The hoodie on their head said loud and proud, "I AM MAKING TONIGHT A BLOCKBUSTER NIGHT!"  You knew if that person was single by the jumbo Blockbuster popcorn they were purchasing along with jumbo movie candy and a pint of ice cream.  Nothing like watching a RomCom and eating your feelings at the same time right?

There was also the horrible feeling of checking behind every video box (there were always like 20 for the newest movie release) only to find that they had all been checked out.  This is the time that you would run to the counter and ask a very busy (I mean unless it was the weekend they really were not) Blockbuster cashier if they could check their big ass computer to see if anyone returned your movie because you just HAD to see it that night.  Nothing else would do! While you are up there, you might as well check the lighted sign that had all of the new releases that would be available at Blockbuster over the next three months (kids these days know nothing about waiting for things).  Don't forget to wave through the dark window when you see your friend reluctantly getting out of the car because his mom made him drop off last weeks videos a day late.  They can't see you but back to business, "Can you check the videos that they just put in the drop box?  It could be in there." The cashiers always hated doing stuff like that but DANG!

If you come form a small town like me, the best thing about Blockbuster was when you would go with your BFF on Friday or Saturday night and find out what was REALLY going on at school.  Yes gurl, I thought Bobby hated Tina too but tell me why I saw them at 10:30 Saturday night looking for movies together at Blockbuster!  You may be able to lie about things in the daylight but Blockbuster always spilled the secrets when it came to who was going over to someone's house to "watch movies..." "Isn't she with Greg?"  Don't forget seeing people you were not a fan of!  That must have been what all of the old movies in the racks and aisles in the middle were for; to dodge people that you did not want to talk to. Also, to hide from your friends and laugh as they looked for you.

Let's not forget the video games.  I have fond memories of going to Blockbuster after church on Saturday nights,  My brother and I each got to rent a game and you had like 4 days to play it and it was awesome! Basically I just always rented Mario Kart because well it is Mario Kart.

I guess it is just crazy to see something that you just didn't think would ever go away actually cease to exist.  As we continue to stick our noses into all of our electronics and get everything delivered to us, lets not forget to be social and go out every now and then.  

And remember… Be Kind, Please Rewind!
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