Say "I Do" With Carrera y Carrera's Golden Bridal Ring Collection

A stunning 18K yellow gold wedding band from Carrera y Carrera's new Ruedo Collection Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera In ...

A stunning 18K yellow gold wedding band from Carrera y Carrera's new Ruedo Collection
Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera

In my opinion, Fall is the perfect season to have a wedding, especially in New York City.  The weather is crisp and refreshing and the city trees' leaves change color making them look like they dressed up for your big day.  There always seems to be magic in the air when Fall hits the city which is perfect for your magical day.  Fall is also the perfect time to plan for future Spring and Summer weddings. You have to have the perfect venue, caterer, gown, flowers, cake and of course, the perfect RING!  

Carrera y Carrera recently launched Ruedo, an extensive and exclusive collection of rings to symbolize unity and eternal love.  The Ruedo bridal collection is crafted in yellow, white or rose gold, and adorned with or without diamonds.  The collection allows multiple combinations helping you select your perfect ring!  Let's take a look at some of the rings from the collection.

Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera

People are finally stepping outside of the typical eternity bands to look into more varied options of engagement and wedding bands. 

Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera

These Carrera y Carrera rings are inspired by Seville's Tauromachy (art of bullfighting) and are a great way to delve into something that a lot of other people won't have on their finger. 

Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera

These days couples are really taking their wedding ceremonies into their own hands and making them unique and specific to their experience with their partner.  Their weddings tell a story of their journey together.  Your ring should do the same thing! 

Photo Courtesy of Carrera y Carrera

I love that the rings come in rose, yellow and white gold and that you can choose to have them with or without diamonds.  It helps to make your ring as unique as your story.  One of my favorite things about this collection is the chain design that goes around the ring.  I feel like it can symbolize so much about loving your partner for eternity.

Now that you check out a few rings from the collection, tell me what you think.  Are you looking for a unique ring or are you a traditional kind of gal or guy? Are you shopping for yellow or rose gold for your big day? Let me know in the comments section below! 

To find out more information on the Ruedo collation or more fab gold from Carrera y Carrera click here

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