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Months ago I had been hearing that Sofia Coppola was doing a movie called 'The Bling Ring.'  I though that the name was interes...

Months ago I had been hearing that Sofia Coppola was doing a movie called 'The Bling Ring.'  I though that the name was interesting but I never took time to actually look up what it was about.  I finally looked it up a month or so ago and all I could think of was "OMG, this is probably going to be my next favorite movie!"  It is not that often that I dedicate a blog post to a movie that I want to see but ever since I looked up info about it and saw the trailer it has not left my head, therefore I knew I had to post about this before it made me cray!

'The Bling Ring' is a movie directed by Sofia Coppola who also wrote the script along with Nancy Jo Sales.  It's based on the Vanity Fair article "The Suspect Wore Louboutins" which Sales wrote (if this sounds familiar we will get to that a tad bit later).  The movie documents a group of fame-obsessed, Hollywood Hills teenagers who use the Internet and social media sites to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.   Take Paris Hilton; She tweets that she is in St. Barths for the weekend, the teens see it and they go in for the goods! 

The movie stars Emma Watson (she is totally having an epic moment in Hollywood right now) who plays bling ringer Nicki who people say is based off of Alexis Neiers who was apart of the bling ring in real life.  You may remember Alexis from her 'Pretty Wild' reality show stint that documented her and her family and was also a hot soulful mess.  The teens portrayed in the movie have spoken out about how the movie is not true but I have a feeling it is probably pretty accurate. 

Emma Watson as "Nicki" in 'The Bling Ring'

One of the awesome things about this film is that they actually use one of the victims houses in the film.  Check out the trailer below:

Did you see Paris Hilton's paintings of herself and the pillows with her face on it?   Well those are are actually hers and that is really her mansion (a smart move for Hilton if you as me)!  I love Emma's acting from what I have seen of the movie.  She talks just like Alexis and my fave line of the trailer is "Let's got to Paris', I want to rob!" Also the slow motion dance and when one of the girls asked the cop what Lohan said whilst she was being questioned in jail is pretty much everything!

Now that you have seen the trailer let's get back to Nancy Jo Sales.  Nancy Jo was the victim of an epic phone message where Alexis Neiers bitches her out due to the facet that Alexis was not happy with how her Vanity Fair article turned out.  The entire thing was (thankfully) captured on 'Pretty Wild' and it is one of the best reality show clips ever to be clipped!  Take a look:

My fave thing about this is how you think she is upset about something that would have ruined her life but NOOOO, it was just because Nancy has said she wore 6 inch Loubs to court! MESS!!


I cannot wait to see this movie in theaters! Usually over privileged rich kids robbing in Hollywood would annoy me like no other but there is just something about this movie that makes me want to just say yes to the mess!

P.S. I will wear huge sunglasses and a bitch face to the theater because I just know Sophia will want it that way! 

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