Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus Hates Twilight SAY WHAT?!

Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus (I vow to never let people forget what her name original was!)seemed to shock a lot of people by public...

Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus (I vow to never let people forget what her name original was!)seemed to shock a lot of people by publicly saying that she does not like the Twilight series or anything that deals with Twilight. In an interview with radio station Q92, interviewer Nikolina asks the Party In The USAer if she is Team Edward or Team Jacob, referring to two of the main male characters in the Twilight series. Destiny Hope then says, “I’ve never seen it, and nor will I ever. I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in it. I don’t like vampires, I don’t like any of the stuff, I don't like the wolf that pops out of the screen when I’m watching my TV at night. I don’t like it, I don’t want anything to do with it. I don’t like the shirts, any of it.” Whoa now HANNAH! Don't old back now. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

I can't really hate too much on Miley because I also do not want anything to do with Twilight, but dang Miley! As a fellow "actor" (that hurt to type) in the spotlight, you should be a little more classy about other people's projects. I guess she is mad because there is not a pole for her to dance on in the movie, or maybe she secretly wanted to date Taylor Lautner and he rejected her for Tay Swift? It is so much fun guessing things that might have caused her to be a bit bitter. OOOO! Maybe she wanted to audition for Dakota's part and the casting directors would not even see her read! WHO KNOWS! Maybe she really just doesn't care for it... Nah, that is not as much fun as coming up with scenarios. Either way, it was a smart thing to say because it keeps her in the media. Watch the clip and tell me what you think! Don't worry, all of the good stuff is at the beginning!
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  1. Jonathan- I love your blog, but when you manage to put up over 7 minutes of Miley's voice- it makes me have to leave your page!
    I dont think I've ever herd her speak, and I will now make it a priority to never hear it again... 'uhmhmmm..... likkkkaaa'

  2. Could she like um like say like um like you know MORE.

    I watched one minute of this and my brain is bleeding.

  3. HEY NOW! I told everyone that the good stuff was at the beginning! I never told ANYONE to listen to the enitre 7 minutes! HAHA. Yea, I said that it was smart that she said that but I don't think she thinks to much about what she says at all. The way you two ladies feel now is that way I have always felt when someone tried to get me to watch Laguna Beach or The Hills slash City! LIKE, OMG!

  4. Your blog is AWESOME! I'm not really of fan of Destiny Hope, her voice irritates me.

  5. Thanks Sarcastically Yours! I hope you weren't being sarcastic lol! Please feel free to follow and spread the word :) Yea Destiny Hope annoys me but why does Party In The USA have to be so good?!?

  6. Uggghhhhh gag me with a spoon. She should get her jaw wired shut, it would better the world..just sayin. Jonathan, your blog makes me want to have Orange Juice and Biscuits for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

  7. She needs a speech coach. She sounds frickin retarted. They seriously should work with her.

  8. I thought of 12 different ways to kill myself listening to this sloot.



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