BIT.. I mean, Stripper PLEASE! Leave Fergie & Josh Alone!

It is no secret that I loves me some FERGIE FERG! She provides me with killer pop hits that make me happy and I honestly think that she is b...

It is no secret that I loves me some FERGIE FERG! She provides me with killer pop hits that make me happy and I honestly think that she is beautiful! That being said, she deserves all of the happiness in the world, so STRIPPER LEAVE HER AND JOSH BE! Now I know that you have heard all about this woman who strips (I refuse to say her name or say where she works because I don't want to give her more publicty) going around saying that she shacked up with Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel. One of my reader's asked for my view on this whole stripper sitch, so hear it goes!

I really hope that this is not true! First of all Strips, can I call ya Strips? OK, so first of all Strips goes on Entertainment Tonight and says that she had no idea who Josh was and that her and her friend had to look him up online. She also told a magazine that she knew who he was the next day. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT! Then the hot mess said on ET that she didn't care who he was. She said he was hot and that's all that mattered. DON'T ACT LIKE THAT! I am sorry but she is giving strippers a bad name and Imma need you to respect my pop star's vows lady! Then ET said that she passed the lie detector test. Now listen, I don't want to offend any strippers out there, but I have a feeling that some are probably pretty good at lying. You know they have to lie to some people about things like there profession or their dignity, so I know homegirl could probably lie about doing a celeb.

All I am saying is that this country sounding stripper needs to get her life together! Also if you have any kind of celebrity please stay away from any and all strip clubs! They get naked for money, do you really think that they aren't going to tell on you if something goes down? Once again, sorry if I offended any stippers, er, uh I mean, "exotic dancers." The last thing I want slash need is to be attacked with a portable Flirty Girl Fitness poll or a light up, clear, stripper shoe. That would not be the hotness! In conclusion, we love ya Ferg and we hope the allegations are not true!
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  1. i was watching one tree hill the other day (seriously) and something similar happened. this party ho said that she and nathan slept together and that she was preggers with his baby. then she went on nathan's dad's show (he's a murder that got out of jail for murdering his own brother and now has a talk show about forgiveness) to take a lie detector test to prove it was nathan's baby. here's what happened:
    my point is, can josh take a lie detector test anyway?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OALMMb3GF50
    crap it didn't work earlier but here it is.

  3. The ONLY person that commented on your "article" made less sense or equally sense than you. And misspelled words like you.

    Dude/Girl... can you at least go to dictionary.com and look up how to spell words. Then try to make some sense, please... You say the "strips" didnt know who Josh was, and that she knew who he was the next day. How is that contradicting??? First day, I dont know a ho, next day I know who the ho is... So I still screw the ho... does that make me a liar?

    Make a better blog moron.

  4. Hey Josh! Strips is short for stripper! So the stripper is your sister? Also do you have a blog? Thanks for taking time to be a hater!

  5. Also Josh, I was just saying what the stripper told the magazines and I go on to say that she needs to get her story straight. So she was a hot mess. Don't blame the messenger!



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