HAPPY 4th of JULY!: Celebrate Your Freedom With Fun Summer Jams!

In the immortal words of one Miss Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus , "Yeeeeeeea! IT'S A PARTY IN THE U.S.A!" Today we cel...

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In the immortal words of one Miss Miley "Destiny Hope" Cyrus, "Yeeeeeeea! IT'S A PARTY IN THE U.S.A!" Today we celebrate our freedom to live, laugh, love and party in an amazing country know as the United States of America! (Thanks to the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces who make that possible!) We also celebrate our freedom to listen to WHATEVER type of music that we want. That being said I am going to share with you 5 of my favorite Summer Jams!

I HATE Katy Perry's Summer Guh's or however she spells it. That is a really horribly written song and I won't stand for it being the official summer song of 2010. "Daisy dukes, Kini's on top?" Really KP? That song took 2 seconds for your team to write and sadly you said, "OK I'll subject people to it." Here are some songs that don't suck and are perfect for the Summer!!

Right now one of my favorite summer jams (maybe THE favorite) is 'Tightrope' by the AMAZING Janelle Monae! I saw this talented jewel perform at SXSW 2009 and she literally blew me away! I am so glad that she is blowing up like I knew she would!

I have ALWAYS loved The Decemberists ever since I was a DJ at KTSW-FM 89.9. 'July, July'! was one of the first songs that I played as a DJ that I really fell in love with. Check it out! So good for a chill summer day!

Um how can any summer go by without the Lyte Funky Ones A.K.A LFO with their Summertime Girls'?! Just saying Katy Perry, this is what a fun summery pop song is suppose to sound like! ("Think about that Summa and I bug cause I miss it!")

So you really can't have summer with out playing 'Car Wash' by Rose Royce! I love this song. It totally makes me want to have a car wash party. OOOO! Theme idea!

And yes I had to! Well... because, how can you not? Just look and see for yourself. I all I am saying that she had dumps like a truck!

Now those songs are songs of the SUMMER!
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  1. Thong Song and Summer Girls were the jam back in the day! Oh high school...



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