The 4th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards Pre Party Hosted By Robert Verdi

There were so many fab events in June that it was hard to keep up! One of my favorite events that I attended was The 4th Annual Independent...

There were so many fab events in June that it was hard to keep up! One of my favorite events that I attended was The 4th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards pre party hosted By Robert Verdi at the Swarovski Crystallized concept store in SoHo. (The concept store in Soho is the only Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED store in the United States. The other stores are located in London, Shanghai and Austria!)

Above: A floor length chandelier made with Swaroski Crystals hangs by the staircase in the two level Swaroski Crystallized concept store in SoHo.

Handbags sketches were submitted by fashion students and finalist were picked to have their creations come to life! I saw some amazing talent come from these students, some better than what is currently out there today! The bag at the top of this post is actually the winner for the bags with crystallized Swarovski elements. "Tammi Tales" was designed by Aimee Kestenberg who drew inspiration from the Australian Blue Ring Octopus. The limited edition bag made with materials like cafe creme lambskin, blue suede, plum red italian suede and Swaroski Crystals is priced at $2,200.

I was OBSESSED with the amount of talent that Aimee Kestenberg possessed. She told me that she is a Leo just like me and that I would love her designs that included lions. SHE WAS RIGHT! Check out this amazing piece of Kestenberg's that she wore to the event.

Above: An amazing piece by Aimee Kestnberg. It is made of real gold and a special python skin! BEYOND EPIC and truly unique!

There were so many creative designers in the crowd that night including Margaret Carmona who creates woven bags made from old computer cords and cables.

Above: Margaret Carmona proudly holds her black and white woven bag made entirely out of old computer cords and cables! What a chic and clever way to recycle!

One of my absolute favorite bags of the evening was this genius bag by Lee Mattocks who won best overall handbag in style and design.

Above: Can we talk about how phenomenal this bag is? I love the vintage feel it has with the modern an subtle use of the bird claws to hold the handle. It took me the second time to notice the claws and they blew me away! AMAZING JOB!

On hand to host the evening was none other than legendary fashion guru and sunglasses enthusiast Robert Verdi. Verdi told me that they brought in an old bag to look at all the new bags. With Verdi, what you see on T.V. is what you get in person as well!

Above: :(L to R) Malik So Chic from the CW's High Society, Fashion Expert Robert Verdi, and a friend.

The event was fab to say the least! One of the best parts was the Crumbs Bake Shop mini cupcakes that were placed thought the event. You know that Crumbs are an OJ&B favorite!

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners of the 4th Annual Independent Handbag Awards! Thank you for showing the big designers out there that do the same thing every season how it is suppose to be done!

Above: Sabrina Chapman, Robert Verdi and Jonathan Valdez
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