New Lada Gaga Video! Bad Romance, Baller Shoes!

Lady Gaga premiered her latest music video for her song Bad Romance on her website today and OH MY...

Lady Gaga premiered her latest music video for her song Bad Romance on her website today and OH MY GAGA, it is cray cray! One of the first things that caught my eye was a cameo by a Mr. Bigglesworth style cat. It was for sure an Austin Powers moment. (Another retro spy moment was at the end when Gaga seemed to be sporting what Austin Powers referred to as "machine gun jubblies.") The second thing that caught my eye was of course the crazy cool shoes slash clothes that Gaga wore. Normally I would have just said, "Oh those are cool kicks LG," but I immediately knew that they were the shoes/clothes from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection.

Why this is important? Because I was right! When McQueen showed these shoes in October at Paris fashion week I tweeted that the shoes were so Gaga! I knew that Lady Gaga would get a hold of them and she did (with a quickness). I am just happy that my fashion prediction came true! Maybe I should become a stylist. YES? NO? If you want to check out Gaga's new Video for Bad Romance to see the Bigglescat, the shoes, or Gaga then look no further! I have saved you the agony of opening up another tab or window and hunting for it online. No need to thank me :)

P.S. I am loving the Gaga dino dancing that happens in the video. Maybe the new Single Ladies dance? I mean the leotards are there...
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  1. crazy!! those shoes are just..wow! haha I hope you offer twerk a la gaga classes??

  2. I think they are 12 inches high! You know I am offering that class next semester or as a minimester during the break haha.

  3. 12 inches! That's mega-twerking.. goodness!! I'm already registered for both. I talked to my advisor and she agreed I'd need all the practice I could get on this one..

  4. And it just looks good on a resume lol.

  5. I have to confess she makes me laugh and I can't look away. She's like a good freakshow.

  6. Alexander Mcqueen said that he's actually gonna sell those bitches to the public!!! Can you believe that?!?! Oh....this video is the shit as well

  7. AP are you serious?!? These shoes should only be for show. Can you imagine some girl in the club trying to walk around in those shoes as she falls to the ground? OH MY!



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