5 Questions With Chanel Omari of Chanel In The City

Photo courtesy of Chanel Omari Chanel Omari of Chanel In The City Chanel Omari is no stranger to hard work and success. Afte...

Photo courtesy of Chanel Omari

Chanel Omari of Chanel In The City

Chanel Omari is no stranger to hard work and success. After earning a college degree in Broadcast Journalism & Communications from Northeastern University, Chanel dived deep into the world of television production in New York City. The TV & Radio personality has been writing, producing and reporting for nearly a decade. Some of Chanel’s best interviews have featured major celebrities such as Barbara Walters, Andy Cohen, Billy Ray Cyrus, Adam Levine, Nick Cannon, Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Williams and the late Joan Rivers! She has also been featured on E News!, Good Day New York, Good Morning Washington, Entertainment Tonight, Life Time, OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, US Weekly, The Daily Mail to name a few.

Nothing is off limits for Chanel no matter if it is on her Instagram Page @ChanelOmari, her blog, podcast or as a radio host for 106.1 WBLI. Chanel brings a hilarious flair to over a million listeners, fans and followers daily!

I first met Chanel earlier this year via the Naught But Nice radio show with Rob Shuter. We instantly got along and I recognized and respected Chanel's hustle and drive to do what she loves and follower her dreams. 

I am so excited to share Chanel's "5 questions with." Check out the full interview below to find out how she got started, the hottest piece of celebrity gossip she has heard recently involving the Countess Luann de Lesseps from The Real Housewives of New York City, what celebrity she would love to have on Chanel in the City and more! 

Photo courtesy of Chanel Omari

Chanel Omari

1. How did you get started and what made you create Chanel and the City? 

Chanel Omari: I had a reality TV show called Princesses Long Island on Bravo TV as well as My Crazy Love Story on Oxygen. Once reality TV was over for me, I was pretty lost. I didn't know who I was with out it. No one ever tells you that reality TV can be your last 15 minutes of fame. You don't always become the next Bethenny Frankel. I dabbled in top 40 radio too and realized that podcasting was our present. I needed an outlet where my voice was heard and where I can introduce the NYC culture to people who were trying to find themselves like I was. So I decided to go out in to the city and enjoy/experience the beauty it had to offer instead of dwelling on the negative. NYC is full of  the best restaurants, celebrity sightings and amazing nightlife culture. I realized it was a place for me to be myself and talk about the important topics that helped impact people to be a better versions of themselves. I also wanted to give people a place to come and listen to comedy, issues addressed about mental health and how my celebrity pals cope with their own mental health issues (because we all have them) and dating survival tips on how to date in NYC, the hardest city to date in when there are so many other options. 

2. Do you like doing television or radio more? 

Chanel Omari: I honestly love both equally. They both have their own charm and brilliance to it, technically, logistically and creatively.  Radio is my friend when I need to just hear a soothing voice and the news with out a superficial agenda and television is just magical. Anything is possible in life when we watch the amazing things created on television. I love being on air in radio, sharing news with my audience, learning life lessons, entertaining callers, telling a story in 15 seconds or less is a skill set that I love encompassing, as well as, introducing new music. Music is my world. I realized if I can touch someone in 15 seconds, than I've done my job on this earth.  The beauty with audio, a podcast or a radio show, is that you're connecting with the listeners on a more intimate level. I do think radio is changing. We aren't listening to as much radio as we are with podcasts. Podcasts are the new radio and that is why I chose to do my podcast, Chanel in the City, because it was an outlet, a platform, for me to be my authentic self and give others a safe place to come and listen, be informed on what is going on today with our celebrity/pop culture. 

Logo courtesy of Chanel Omari

The Official Chanel In The City logo

3. What is the hottest piece of celebrity gossip you have heard recently? 

Chanel Omari: The hottest piece of celebrity gossip I've heard recently is me and the Countess Luann De Lesseps from RHONY might be doing a podcast together and its going to be hilarious! I would be producing and co-hosting and it will be a spin off of her cabaret show but in podcast format. The idea is to have it be a pop culture variety show where we have guest co hosts come on as well and experts. We have celebrity interviews and we navigate the challenges of life. We have callers calling in to ask us advice on what they should do if they make mistakes, like what should one do about dating, what should one do if they got arrested etc.

4. Would you do reality TV again? 

Chanel Omari:  In a HEART BEAT! I loved reality TV; the good, the bad and the ugly. I think it was a great experience for me to learn major life lessons and I got to learn a lot about myself, who I wanted to be and who I didn't want to be.

Chanel Omari

5. What is next for you and Chanel and the City? 

Chanel Omari: I want to take Chanel in the City to television, radio and digital. We are now producing hilarious 1-2 minute comedy sketch videos for Chanel in the City. We are also creating great content on our insta stories about the hottest places to check out to eat, dance or if you want to enjoy celebrity sightings. We plan on doing more live podcast comedy show events and my goal is to have my own talk show on National Television with Chanel in the City. The sky is the limit. 

Bonus: What celebrity would you love to have on Chanel and the City? 

Chanel Omari: The two major celebrities I would love to have on Chanel in the City are: JLO AND CARDI B! They are both Latinas, which I am part Colombian (most people don't know this about myself) and I have such admiration and love for these women because despite fame and all the negative hate, they managed to overcome the obstacles and become who they wanted to be, boss women/empowering women and that's what my podcast is all about. My podcast is all about laughing at our pain, moving forward, forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, being better people and being our authentic selves despite where we lie with our mental health. 

Chanel Omari

For more information on Chanel Omari visit ChanelOmari.com and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

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