Jonathan Valdez Of OJ&B Guests On The Bradshaw Boys Podcast To Talk Sex And The City

Logo via The Bradshaw Boys Facebook Page The Bradshaw Boys Podcast official logo In a city like New York filled to the brim with ...

Logo via The Bradshaw Boys Facebook Page

The Bradshaw Boys Podcast official logo

In a city like New York filled to the brim with podcasts it can be hard to pick out which ones are the best to listen to whilst riding the train or working out.  

Last year I discovered The Bradshaw Boys podcast where three "relatively grown" men watch Sex and the City for the first time and then discuss it and I couldn't help but wonder, should I be a guest on it? Luckily the three hosts of the show (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber and Kevin James Doyle) agreed that I should!

I was thrilled to be a guest on The Bradshaw Boys podcast because I am usually watching, talking about or quoting Sex and the City anyway so I figured that I might as well be recorded doing so! Sex and the City has cemented it's place in pop culture history and I reference almost daily!  It seemed like a match made in heaven and it was! 

The podcast is picking up speed and listeners with each episode and Entertainment Tonight touted it as one of the podcast they are "obsessed with!  

Photo courtesy of The Bradshaw Boys

Jon Sieber, Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits, Cory Cavin and Kevin James Doyle in The Bradshaw Boys Podcast recording studio. "You see us Manhattan? We have it all!" - Samantha Jones from the 'All or Nothing' episode of Sex and the City

The Bradshaw Boys and I watched and then discussed episode 10 from season 3 of Sex and the City entitled, 'All or Nothing.' In the episode Carrie feels guilty and wants to quit her affair with Mr. Big. Miranda enjoys phone sex with a co-worker form Chicago. Charlotte negotiates the terms of her prenuptial agreement with Trey's mother, Bunny and Samantha catches the flu after moving into her fabulous apartment in the Meatpacking District.

You can listen to the podcast episode below where I discuss my opinions on the 'All or Nothing' episode as well as New York Fashion Week and the fashions of Sex and the City. 

Photo via Orange Juice and Biscuits

Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits recording The Bradshaw Boys podcast in their Brooklyn, New York studio

Special thanks to The Bradshaw Boys for having me on and for a fabulous talk about Sex and the City!

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