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The incomparable Jackie Collins I will never forget the first time I met THE Jackie Collins.  It was Fashion Week in 2011 and I was...

The incomparable Jackie Collins

I will never forget the first time I met THE Jackie Collins.  It was Fashion Week in 2011 and I was invited to a beauty lounge at the Empire Hotel.  My friend Lara Eurdolian of PrettyConnected.com happened to be working with Jackie for her latest book at the time Goddess of Vengeance and I was told that she would be stopping by and that she would like me to meet her.  I immediately geeked out because she was basically the Shakespeare of writing about fame, glamour, sex, gossip and scandal and well who is chicer than Jackie Collins? Jackie walked into her room, made her rounds and then it was finally time for us to meet.  We made eye contact and something just clicked.  We said our initial hellos and then nature took over and we started chitting and chatting about fabulous things.  She told me how much she loves a man that dresses well and then said that she simply had to have me attend her book party for Goddess of Vengeance later that week.  I could not get over how nice she was and I was so honored/floored/excited/dead that the legendary Jackie Collins personally invited me to her book party.  

Photo Credit: OrangeJuiceandBiscuits.com

Meeting Jackie Collins for the first time in 2011

I usually never share all of the details of moments like this with my readers but I felt it was important to for me to remember and share how fabulous she made me feel when I was speaking with her.  She had this chic accent and you just felt like you were by a pool in the Hollywood Hills drinking cocktails and gossiping when you spoke with her (or at least I did).  

Later that week I made sure that I was dressed to the nines for Jackie.  She arrived looking glam as always and then read from her book Goddess of Vengeance.  It was one of those moments that you take a step back and look at your life.  I had only been in New York for less than two years and I had the honor of meeting and connecting with a Hollywood and literary icon.  I listened to her read from her book and then I listened to her talk about her story.  She talked about how she never finished high school and how she always loved to write but so many people told her that she would never be an accomplished writer.  She went on to say that she never listened to them and that she followed her dreams and went on to sell over 500 Million of her books world wide. GET IT!!

Photo Credit: OrangeJuiceandBiscuits.com

Author Jackie Collins reading from her book Goddess of Vengeance in 2011 in New York City

After Jackie finished her Q&A I spoke to her and had my copy of Goddess of Vengeance signed.  I was letting her know how inspirational she was and how hard it had been for me to move from Texas to NYC because so many people tried to tell me that it would never work and that what I was doing was not realistic.  For some reason tears just came out.  I was one of those Oprah moments where you just felt that the universe was telling you that you are on the right path.  The universe and maybe Oprah had sent Jackie to tell me I was doing the right thing.  That is the kind of impact that Jackie Collins has on people.  She was one of a kind and she will truly be missed.

Jackie's message to me in my copy of Goddess of Vengeance 

A few years later I was lucky enough to see her again to celebrate her book The Power Trip.  She of course looked glam and still had the power to make you feel like a star.  

Celebrating Jackie's book The Power Trip in NYC

Jackie had a sharp, witty and of course cheeky sense of humor that really drew me to her.  It amazes me that she kept her battle with breast cancer so private as you would have never know that she was going through an illness when you met her.  She was always upbeat and on point and could crack a joke at the drop of a hat.  I even saw her at a fabulous late night party in Los Angeles at the Standard a few years ago as she just loved living her life.  It takes such a brave person to battle something so major and still make others that you barely know feel like a million dollars.  That is how I will always  remember her.  Also her amazing sense of humor.  Jackie has stated in the past that she wants her tombstone to read "She gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure."  Jackie was my kind of gal! 

Jackie's message to me in her book The Power Trip

Thank you so much Jackie for making a kid from small town Texas feel like he was Hollywood royalty every time we met.  I know you are in Heaven right now getting getting all of the gossip from everyone.  Hopefully we will meet again and you can fill me in!  Thank you for following your dreams and heart and sharing your talent with the world! 

P.S. I will always keep the magical words that you said to me on my blog, "Jonathan, you're so chic!" That means so much coming from Jackie Collins. 
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