5 Questions With Actor Drew Droege

Photo Credit: Kyle Fitzpatrick Drew Droege Any pop culture fan worth their weight in selfies knows about the hilarious Drew Droeg...

Photo Credit: Kyle Fitzpatrick

Drew Droege

Any pop culture fan worth their weight in selfies knows about the hilarious Drew Droege and how he has taken the internet by storm!  Drew is best know for his amazing Chloe Sevigny videos but is also kicking ass in one of my favorite web series Not Looking and his podcast Glitter in the Garbage. He is currently on Logo's Cocktails and Classics and has recently been seen on Bob's Burger's, Key & Peel, 2 Broke Girls, Drunk History, Kroll Show and Comedy Bang! Bang! 

Drew is an alum of The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade and preforms regularly around L.A.  He is also one of my favorite actors/comedians and I am so excited that he took time out of his busy schedule to answer OJ&B's 5 questions!  

Check out what Drew has to say about meeting the real Chloe Sevigny, what he is obsessed with right now, what makes him laugh and which Kardashian he would be and why (said in a Drew Droege as Chloe Sevigny list reading voice)!

Drew Droege as Chloe Sevigny featured in Love Magazine

1. When did you first realize you had the talent of making people laugh? 

Drew Droege:  I tried to make them cry. In my first acting class in college, we were doing dramatic scenes, and the harder I tried to make people care, the more I pushed and ACTED, the more they laughed. I was devastated and thought I was terrible for a long time. And I kinda was.

Photo Credit: Deven Green

Drew Droege (Center) as Rose in the L.A. production of The Golden Girlz along with Sam Pancake, Jackie Beat, Sherry Vine and Selene Luna

2. Did you ever think that your Chloe Sevigny character would be such a sensation and have you finally met her? 

Drew: I never thought Chloe would be a hit and I'm honestly still touched and perplexed by how much people like it. I have met the real Chloe and she was a delight. We talked about vodka.

Photo Credit: Milk

Designer Marc Jacobs with Drew Droege as Chloe Sevigny

3. Who are you loving right now musically and what are you obsessed with on T.V.? 

Drew: I just saw HAMILTON on Broadway and CANNOT stop banging it around in my brain. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a game-changer- his music is tremendous and gut-shaking. And Jonathan Groff sang this hilariously evil nursery rhyme that continues to deliciously haunt me. And as the world's biggest WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER fan, I am even more obsessed with the new Netflix show. It is epic and so so so perfect.

Photo Credit: Iva Turner

4. Tell me about a few of your upcoming projects that OJ&B readers can see you in. 

Drew: I'm in a movie called SCOUT'S GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, which will be in theaters on Halloween. And I just wrapped second seasons of Logo's COCKTAILS & CLASSICS and funnyordie's NOT LOOKING, which debuted in August. 

Drew Droege as Danton in FunnyorDie's Not Looking Season 2

5. Who makes you laugh? 

Drew: I just saw this brilliant indie called FORT TILDEN. It's the funniest thing I've seen in years. It's about horrible broken nightmare Williamsburg girls, and I've never been more riveted.

Photo Credit: Andy Hollingsworth

Bonus Question: If you could be any Kardashian, which Kardashian would you and why. 

Drew: Their forgotten Aunt Helen. She makes breads. 

Photo Credit: Dusti Cunningham

Drew Droege clowning around

For more information about Drew Droege visit DrewDroege.com 

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