A Message For The New Year From OJ&B!

Hey there guys and gals!  It has been an INSANE 2013!  I could not have asked for more of an exciting year!  When I wrote last year'...

Hey there guys and gals!  It has been an INSANE 2013!  I could not have asked for more of an exciting year!  When I wrote last year's New Year's message I had never been to L.A. and in 2013 I was able to go about 6 times total!  The Universe and God never cease to amaze me!

The highlight of my year has to be going to LA for the Golden Globes AND the Oscars with LoveGold and getting to attend the Warner Bros/Instyle Magazine Golden Globes party and the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars after party!  I got to meet and see so many celebrities and it was a HUGE dream come true for me and It was ultra glam to say the least.  I also can't forget attending the Tony Awards after party at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.  That was another "OMG AM I REALLY HERE ?!" moment that I am so glad I got to experience with one of my BFF's Sabrina Chapman! 

Another highlight for me was getting to meet and interview fashion heavyweight Carine Riotfeld for her documentary Mademoiselle C. She was mega sweet and such an inspiration to me! You can read the interview by clicking here

2013 was also a really fab year of amazing media coverage for OJ&B right up until December which I am super blessed and honored to be have!  Thanks so much to everyone who did a piece on OJ&B this year! 

I have also made new and cherished friendships this year like my buddy Dave Thomas out in LA who has been the most amazing person to me since meeting in February (Thanks again for making my birthday this year the best one ever).  I am so glad that we met this year! Check out his amazing work here

These are just some of the top moments that pop up in my head but there are many more that made 2013 one of the best year's of my life (just look at all of the fab blog posts from this year)!  Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible and thanks to my readers (my guys and gals) for ALL of your love and support of OJ&B!  To all of you I say…





Jonathan Valdez

P.S. 2014 Will Be Year FIVE of OJ&B!!!

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