Page Parkes Is Glamping In Austin To Find Talent This Weekend!

Page Parkes gets ready to jump in her Mercedes-Benz Glamper to scout for talent in the small towns of Texas. For over 25 years frie...

Page Parkes gets ready to jump in her Mercedes-Benz Glamper to scout for talent in the small towns of Texas.

For over 25 years friend of OJ&B and renouned Texas talent scout Page Parkes has been scouting Texas talent via her hubs in Houston and Dallas.  Now Page is taking to the Texas highways to find local talent in small towns all over the Lone Star State!

Page Parkes has launched the “Page Parkes Presents Glamping Across Texas: The Scouting Roadtrip” event, a multiple weekend roadtrip across the state of Texas in search of the next big star. In partnership with Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz, company president Page Parkes-Eveleth will drive throughout Texas towns searching for young men and women to begin their stardom development in the acting and modeling industry.

"We have our schools and agencies in the big hubs of Texas like Houston, Dallas, and most recently Austin," says Parkes. "On this trip we are coming to all those small towns and we are ready to meet you!"

Page has an international reputation for having an "eye" that can spot guys and girls who have major potential in the acting and modeling world.  It was her skillful eye and unique talent to find gems that landed her on season one of E! Entertainment's reality show 'Scouted' which followed and documented the process of finding potential models and what it takes to be discovered in the modeling industry.

For the first stop on the Glamping road trip, Page joined Grand Prairie Premium Outlets for a back to school fashion event. During the fashion show, Premium Outlets and Page honored Girl Scout Troop #7075 of West, Texas.  After the show each store donated their clothing to the girls. They were so excited to meet Page, and Page was equally as eager to honor them.

Along the way Page scouted in small towns such as Madisonville and on her way back found a gem in the town of Buffalo at a Dickey's Barbeque.

Page Parkes points out that talent can be found anywhere and everywhere.  You just have to be looking for it with the right eye.

Page has high hopes for all the girls she scouted on this first leg, including the 4 girls who received scholarships at the Grand Prairie Fashion event.  Page Parkes' next stop is Austin, Texas for a two day scouting event.  You can find Page Parkes at David Heisler Photography on Saturday, August, 10th at 3pm for a fashion meet up with photographers, stylists and other fashion enthusiasts.  She will also be at Golden Bones Boutique (friend of OJ&B) on Sunday, August 11th at 12 noon for another scouting event.

Just think about all of the celebs and models that come from a small town. All it takes is one person to believe in you and your entire world can change. Page was someone who believed in me when I was just 15 and I know she truly knows who has something special! Now... who is ready to become Texas' next big STAR?
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