EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Scouted’s Page Parkes Talks With OJ&B About The Latest Show On E!

 During my recent vacation to Texas I made a special trip to Houston just to see friend of OJ&B, Page Parkes !  I have know Page f...

During my recent vacation to Texas I made a special trip to Houston just to see friend of OJ&B, Page Parkes!  I have know Page for many years now and she is one of the sweetest women that I know in the industry.  Page will always have a special place in my heart as I met her when I was 15 or 16 years old and she told me within moments of us meeting that she felt that there was something special about me. 

Page has built a scouting empire in Houston and Dallas Texas. She is co-owner of Page Parkes Corporation, the largest modelling and acting agency group in the Southwestern United States. With a history of famous discoveries and representation such as Channing Tatum and Alexis Bledel, Page is at the top of her game and has an amazing eye for talent! 

I am thrilled that I had the chance to catch up with Page during my visit and that she was sweet enough to let me interview her for my OJ&B readers!  Check out what Page had to say about being a part of E!'s latest show Scouted!

Orange Juice & Biscuits: How did you get involved with Scouted on E!?

Page Parkes: I got involved with scouted on E! from Michael Flutie who is the owner of Madwood productions in New York City. He is an ex model agent and he came up with the concept of appreciating the scouting process of the industry. There were no television shows exposing the early days of a career and how people are actually found. All t.v. shows that people have been seeing have to do with someone finding them and then showing the audience “here are your ten to choose from.” This show is letting you see how difficult it to really get an agent.

OJ&B: What does scouting mean to you?

PP: Scouting is a treasure hunt and in this case it happens to be a human treasure hunt. For me it’s just like looking for gold. It’s like trying to find something that really is a one in a million type of thing. I do think that it is in the addiction category of “I’m only as good as the last girl I found.” As soon as I find one and the PR train starts with that girl then people are asking me, “Who’s next?” That means I have to go scout again.

OJ&B: Is there one thing that a girl must have to succeed in this industry?

PP: I think there are many physical requirements that the industry requires that nobody asks me about. You need to be 5’ 9”, you need to 34 inch hips, you need to be short waisted and long legged. Normally girls have a special thing about them which is what has made the American girls not so popular the last ten years. Once the walls came down all over the world is when you started to have supermodels where you could not pronounce their names. It used to be Kelly Emberg, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista but that time in America has not been there in the last ten years. I believe that Scouted will also reignite the look of the American Girl.

OJ&B: Will we see any males getting scouted on this show?

PP: That’s a great question! As far as males getting scouted, you may not believe this, but men are actually more difficult to find. I don’t know if it’s just how odd I feel approaching them or if it’s that men laugh at you when you go up to them because they never really thought about themselves as a physical to be admired being. But yes, I do believe as Scouted continues that we will intermix men. That is my own personal belief, I will hear from the network as far as what their goals are. It’s not out of the question.

OJ&B: What do you hope comes from being a part of this project?

PP: Honestly, I think that this project, for me, was a way of showing everyone the hard work that goes into the early days of the career. All I can ask for as far as a return would be credibility for the Page Parkes Corporation.

OJ&B: Thank you so much!

PP: You’re Welcome Jonathan and I love you!

Scouted airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on E!.  For more information on Page Parkes and Scouted click here.
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