OJ&B's City Stops: Honky Tonkin' At Flaming Saddles Saloon

A bartender at Flaming Saddles Saloon rocks Jeremy Scott cowboy sneaker boots while dancing on the bar. About every other Friday or s...

A bartender at Flaming Saddles Saloon rocks Jeremy Scott cowboy sneaker boots while dancing on the bar.

About every other Friday or so my status updates on my social media has been lyrics to country songs from the 1990's.  Things like "I might have been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was a my name," and "blame it on your lying, cheating, cold dead beatin', two time a double dealing, me mistreating loving heart," have graced my Facebook and Twitter accounts accumulating comments and likes from my friend back home in Texas.  Some people have wondered why I have been on an old school country kick lately and it is all due to the Flaming Saddles Saloon in Hell's Kitchen , NYC!

Flaming Saddles Saloon opened in October of 2011 in NYC hotspot Hell's Kitchen.  I have gone several times since October on different occasions and at first I was not sure if I was going to like it.  As you may or may not know I was born and raised in South Texas so I was really excited about a country themed bar. I know all about line dancing, two-stepping and doing the cotton eyed Joe, so I when I heard that the bartenders would be dancing on the bar I had to check it out!  At first I was a bit disappointed in the dancing from the staff.  It seemed like just a bunch of stomping around and me and my Texas buddies were not amused.  I loved the music (Shania, Reba, Wynonna, Faith, Martina) so of course I went back and took everyone that I knew who missed the South. 

One day, after being all kinds of busy and not going for a while, I went on a random Friday and so many things changed.  They had Frito pies, Texas Teas and the dancing had come a very long way!  There were even a few new routines.  It went from stomping to sliding and gliding and the guys seemed a lot more comfortable. Bar owner and choreographer Jacqui Squatriglia has done an amazing job getting the staff to dance while making it look fun and not corny.  If anyone could make it work it would be her!  Jacqui is and original Coyote from the infamous Coyote Ugly bar where she tought Coyote after Coyote to dance.  Like any new buisness, they just had to get into a groove, and they have!  I commend Jacqui and her "bandits" on how far they have come since last October and that is why I have made Flaming Saddles Saloon one of OJ&B's City Stops!

For me the best night to go is Friday nights around 9:30 or 10.  I usually go with my Nebraska friend Helen and we always have the best time!  We belt 'All my exes live in Texas' and 'Before He Cheats' with everyone else in the bar and it takes us back home (if home had a gay bar where they played 90's country from mostly epic country divas while the staff danced on the bar).  The bar or "saloon" is a gay bar but I have seen all sorts of people in there having the best time. Girls, guys, gays, straights, drag queens, cowboys, business people, Dolly (I wish).  Another thing I love is that like the south, they keep it classy.  The staff dances on the bar but they always have their clothes on and there is no poll or some drunk Taradise girl or guy falling off the bar.  At the same time you can get a tequila shot poured directly in your mouth with "Achy Breaky Heart" as the soundtrack.  It is basically like Coyote Ugly but the bartenders there are always friendly and no one will yell "hell no H2O" on a megaphone and spray you down if you order water. 

So next time you want a fun night out complete with belting old school country and tequila shots poured into your mouth followed by Frito pies, fun and bardancing, step into the Flaming Saddle Saloon.  Oh yea, also this will happen:

For more information on Flaming Saddles Saloon check out their website, FlamingSaddles.com.

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