OJ&B's City Stops: Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel's Two E Bar/Lounge

Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel's Two E Bar/Lounge People always ask me about places that they must see/go to/experience in NYC....

Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel's Two E Bar/Lounge

People always ask me about places that they must see/go to/experience in NYC.  They want to know what's fun and hot for food, entertainment and fashion.  Because of this I have decided to start "OJ&B's City Stops," showcasing the things and places that are a must do in NYC. 

The Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre Hotel is the perfect place to start OJ&B's City Stops!  The Pierre Hotel has always offered me a place of luxury without the snotty attitude ever since I moved to the city in 2010.  Recently, I took my Mom and my Aunt to Two E in the Pierre Hotel during their first visit to NYC to try Two E's Afternoon Tea. 

I love the Pierre Hotel's Afternoon Tea because you can take a luxurious break from the city without breaking your bank.  From $45 to $70 you can pick the tea service that is best for you.  Two E offers Royal Tea Service served with champagne sandwiches, scones and pastries; Traditional Tea Service served with sandwiches, scones and pastries and Sweet Tea Service served with scones and pastries.  Each service allows you to choose your own tea leaf ranging from Dragon Perl Jasmine to Darjeeling and even strawberry-kiwi.

The sandwiches are probably my favorite part of the Afternoon Tea.  The American caviar sandwiches are so heavenly and luxurious and go great with a sweeter tea leaf like the strawberry-kiwi.  I was also a fan of the spiced chicken on mini brioche and the deviled eggs with baby watercress.

Above: The delicious sandwiches offered with the Afternoon Tea at Two E Bar/Lounge in the Pierre Hotel.

What is an afternoon tea without scones and butter cookies?  Two E offers orange raisin scones with devonshire cream, preserves and a meyer lemon curd.  These scones are a perfect and classic addition to the tea and they taste amazing!

Above: Amazing orange raisin scones with butter cookies. YUM!
Now let's talk about every one's favorite part, pastries!  Two E has delicious pastries offered with the Afternoon Teas.  My favorite is the toasted lemon meringue and the mini fruit tarts!  If you love things that have a great coffee taste then the coffee eclairs and coffee opera cake is for you. 

Above: Two E's tasty pastries offered with Afternoon Tea.  Yes, they are as good as they look!

The Pierre Hotel's Afternoon Tea at Two E Bar/Lounge is offered daily between 3:00PM and 5:00PM.   It is the perfect place to take your mom, aunt, sister, grandmother, wife, baby momma, etc.  It would also make for a fun and unique way to talk business with a special client or coworker. 

If you decide to take OJ&B's recommendation then be sure to tweet @ThePierreNY and tell them you heard about it from @JonathanValdez!

Above: The Pierre Hotel's Royal Tea Afternoon Tea Service at Two E Bar/Lounge

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