Help for the Holidays: Buy her Bag, Not Her Body Gift Ideas!

By Jessica Downer- OJ&B Intern Writer The holidays are right around the corner, which means holiday shopping will be in full effect ...

By Jessica Downer- OJ&B Intern Writer

The holidays are right around the corner, which means holiday shopping will be in full effect quite soon! We all know that it’s better to give than receive, so why not give to the people you love AND give to a great cause?  You can do just that with the Nomi Network.

The Nomi Network is named after a young Cambodian sex trafficking survivor, who became mentally disabled because of her experiences in sexual slavery.  This non-profit organization empowers and protects surviving and at-risk women of sex trafficking in Cambodia by leveraging the marketplace to create sustainable job and educational opportunities that otherwise don't exist. The Nomi Network gives a voice to women who would otherwise not have one and makes people aware of it's cause through the products for sale on buyherbagnotherbody.com.

Buy Her Bag Not Her Body is a line of fair-trade handbags and accessories (laptop sleeves, wallets, cosmetic bags, etc), handmade from recycled rice and fish feed bags by the women in Nomi Network's Global Initiative. 100% of the funds profited from Buy Her Bag Not Her Body go right back into training and development programs.

Here are my top gift picks for the upcoming holiday season:

For your Mom who caries EVERYTHING: 

Large Fish Tote $45.00

Does your mom carry everything and look fab doing so? Then get her the Large Fish Tote. This fun tote is made from recycled rice bags and cotton. So she can walk around proudly carrying all
her “necessities” and for a great cause.

For your Out-On-The-Town Friend:

Sokha Wristlet $30.00

Who says that recycling can’t be sexy? Give this Sokha Wristlet to the friend that goes from swanky dinner engagements to poppin’ clubs downtown. This wristlet is made with a lace exterior and a rice bag interior. She can hold all her nightlife essentials by the wrist.

For your Techie, Studious Sister:
Quilted Laptop Sleeve 35.00

You love your sis. Even when she’s is stressed out and snapping at you over a 12-page paper due in a week, on top of all the test she needs to study for. Show her you understand and appreciate her hard work with the Quilted Laptop Sleeve. This quilted sleeve will protect her 13” or 15” inch laptop and
comes in many colors including white with pink trim, orange with white trim, pink with light blue
trim, and blue with pink trim. She will cart her laptop around from class to class like a high fashion, tech savvy model.

For your Health Conscious Aunt:
Yoga Bag $45.00

From boot camp class, to Zumba, to Yoga and Pilates, your aunt is always in a health conscious fitness mood. Show her you care by getting her The Yoga Bag. This bag not only holds her yoga mat. It holds your keys, electronics, cards, and anything else you need to bring to class. The outside has Vietnamese printing on its recycled rice bag exterior, which makes each bag one of a kind, just like your loved ones.

For your beauty queen cousin:
Quilted Cosmetic Case $25.00

This girl rolls out of bed looking spectacular and you know she carries her beauty essentials on her. The Quilted Cosmetic Case is the perfect gift for her. It has horizontal quilting in contrasting colors, which is just as fab as your style star cousin.

Do something for the environment, for humanity, and for someone you love and
buy a “Buy her Bag, Not her Body” accessory this holiday season!

For more information and to purchase these unique and fab gifts check out the official Nomi Network site at NomiNetwork.org 
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