How To Not Be The Holiday Hot Mess!

' Tis the season to be jolly... and potentially look and act a mess! December is the time to celebrate not only the holidays, but ever...

'Tis the season to be jolly... and potentially look and act a mess! December is the time to celebrate not only the holidays, but everything that you have accomplished throughout the year. Many of you will be attending several holiday parties hosted by your friends, workplace or a friend's workplace. For some, these parties are a time to kick back and relax, but for others these parties are a time to kick back and laugh at the “Holiday Hot Mess.”

The Holiday Hot Mess is that one person at the party who just does not know how to act. Sure, they have been out before but judging by how they are acting you would think that they had never been out of the house. There are people who actually avoid going to holiday functions for fear they will be labeled the Holiday Hot Mess, but never fear! With my guide to holiday party P’s and Q’s you won’t have to worry about being a Holiday Hot Mess.

Now, you may be thinking that when I say Holiday Hot Mess that I am talking about someone being drunk, well we will get to that part soon enough but being a little too jolly is not always the problem. One can be completely sober and still be the hottest holiday mess. This can be achieved by bringing an attitude with you to the party.

Above: Which one of these people are at risk of becoming this year's Holiday Hot Mess?

Attitudes, like coats, should be checked at the door. In fact, think about putting your attitude in your coat when you hang it up or give it to coat check. Holiday parties provide a really great opportunity to network and you could miss out on an amazing opportunity because you are acting like the Grinch. I always say that you don’t have to like someone to be civil to them, so make sure that you greet everyone that you come in contact with. I think it is so rude when a person that you had a brief interaction with earlier in the year awkwardly stares at you and tries to avoid you like they have never met you. In fact, it’s ruder than just going up and saying “Hi, I believe we met earlier in the year, I hope you are doing well and it was so great to see you.” Not only does that make you look like a great person for acknowledging that they exist, but it makes everything feel just a little less tense and awkward for the whole party. Let’s move on to drinks, shall we?

Most parties are going to serve up cocktails. The general rule of thumb is to limit yourself to one drink and enjoy that throughout the whole party. I say that it is OK to have at least two if you are going to be there for longer than a couple of hours, but only two. Anything more than that and you could run the chance of feeling too relaxed and then, Lohan and behold (thanks Fashion Class Jet), you are officially the Holiday Hot Mess.

Above: NYC has some serious ad campaigns that show people hurt with the caption reading, "Two drinks ago" you would have been fine. They need to use this picture and have it read, "Two drinks ago I was NOT the Holiday Hot Mess!"

Now, the intoxicated Holiday Hot Mess can talk too loud, laugh way too loud, say inappropriate things, mingle with someone’s significant other, dance on tables, tell off the boss, lose clothing and so much more. My favorite is the hot mess that is not aware that they are the Holiday Hot Mess. They stumble around and knock stuff over and spill every five seconds. This may be fun to watch at first, but the next day or Monday at work or with your friends could be really bad. You should also keep in mind that these days you have to worry about more than just sad looks and snickers on Monday morning with Facebook, Twitpics, Tweets, blog posts and so much more that can instantly go up. Therefore, do not go to a party for drinking purposes. If you really need more than a couple of drinks then take it to a bar or after party. You will be so glad that you did!

I should have addressed clothing as the first thing but I wanted to leave it for last because I want you all to remember this: There is a fine line between holiday chic and Holiday Hot Mess. Unless it is stated that it is a tacky sweater party, leave them at home! This is an opportunity to wow everyone with how well you clean up. Men, a nice suit and tie will always take you places. Ladies, I know that it is fun to sparkle and shine, but you need to NOT apply body shimmer or any sort of face glitter unless you are a Spice Girl and it's 1996. Also, I know that you gals are loving thigh high boots and shoes with big platforms but there is a difference between working the room and WORKING the room. You don’t want people thinking that you were hired as “entertainment.”

I hope that these rules have helped you out as you go forth to your holiday parties. I could go on and on about faux pas but I have parties to go to and Holiday Hot Messes to help… or laugh at.

Above: A Holiday Hot Mess at it's best!
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