The Gap's Pico de Gap Truck: Providing Food, Fashion, and Fun to Your City!

By Jessica Downer- OJ&B Intern Do you like Tacos? Do you like comfy jeans? Well, Gap has just the treat for you. The legendary clothin...

By Jessica Downer- OJ&B Intern
Do you like Tacos? Do you like comfy jeans? Well, Gap has just the treat for you. The legendary clothing store is combining its denim studio with the popular Mexican cuisine and taking them on the road in a custom vintage taco truck called the Pico De Gap Taco Truck.

The truck launched in Los Angeles and featured Top Chef’s Marcel Vigneron blazing it up in the kitchen and serving celebrities like Ali Larter, Amy Smart, Sarah Silverman, Odette Yustman Annable, Dave Annable, Nikki Reed and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others. The Truck is making its way to major cities across the US including San Francisco with Top Chef’s Ryan Scott, Chicago with Rick Gresch of David Burke’s Primehouse, and New York City with food and lifestyle expert Katie Lee. Each city’s chef will bring a different spin on Cocina Mexicana. Lee expressed her excitement on the trucks arrival in The Big Apple. “Mexican culture and cuisine gets my creative juices flowing, so I can’t wait to bring my spin on popular south-of-the-border flavors to the Pico de Gap truck! From food to fashion, my personal philosophy is all about the three C’s: casual, comfortable, with a touch of couture—and Gap 1969 denim totally fits my style. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Gap to bring a fun and delicious taco menu to the streets of New York City.”

“Gap’s 1969 line is all about classic American style – fresh, colorful and cool. That’s what a taco truck is too—it’s a mobile fiesta, a celebration of social eating, amazing food, and our melting pot of culture,” said Vigneron, also expressing his excitement of the new line.

The idea for the Pico de Gap truck was inspired by a late night team dinner at a food truck in Los Angeles. “It’s these types of everyday moments that shape who we are as people and inspire the product we design for our customers,” said Gap Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman. “We thought it would be an unexpected, engaging way to share a little more about ourselves and the experience we had that night.” The truck was made in celebration of Gap’s Fall 1969 Denim Collection entitled: LA and Beyond. To keep the vintage style, each Pico de Gap truck was hand painted and includes a replica of the original 1970s Gap campaign and a Neon sign.

Patrons of the truck can check out the wide array of signature denim styles on display including the Legging Jean, High Rise Pintuck Trouser and Skinny Boot for women, and signature fits for men including the Drop Crotch Skinny, Slim Trouser and Slouchy Slim Rocker. Patrons can also enjoy tacos for $1.69 or for free with proof of same day Gap denim purchase.

Be prepared for culinary genius when each chef brings a little of their own style to the table. The Pico de Gap truck is what our tastes in food and fashion have been waiting for. The truck will be around music events, nightlife party places, Gap stores, and anywhere else you’d want to stop for a quick bite. Keep an eye out for it in your city!

Find out where the truck will head next! You can track the specific locations daily by following Pico de Gap on Twitter: Los Angeles (@picodegapLA), San Francisco (@picodegapSF), New York (@picodegapNY) and Chicago (@picodegapChi) and by visiting Gap’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/gap.

The truck is already making stops in NYC so look out for the fun!
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