BFF App Changes The Way You Help Your BFF Pick Outfits!

"OMG YOU ARE TOTES MY BFF!!" That is the kind of text that you do not send to just anyone! Only your one and only BFF (Best Friend...


That is the kind of text that you do not send to just anyone! Only your one and only BFF (Best Friend Forever) is lucky enough to receive a heartfelt text like the one above. Besides getting fun texts, another benefit to having a BFF is that you always have a person to help you get ready for a girls/guys night out, a job interview or a really big date!

For some BFF's helping each other pick out the perfect outfit can be a challenge because not every BFF lives in the same city. Even if you do live in the same location as your BFF it can still prove as a challenge to seek outfit help as they may be stuck at work or in a traffic jam.

All of these dilemmas can now be a thing of the past thanks to the new BFF (Best Fashion Friend) app that you can use on your Android smart phone. You can also access it online if you do not have those phones and/or prefer doing things on a computer screen and on your iphone soon!

Above: A sample conversation with one possible way to utilize the BFF App!

BFF is a smart phone app that gives you instant access to a hand- picked group of friends who weigh in on your style dilemmas. Easily snap a photo, create looks using items you own or want in your wardrobe, and best of all, share looks with your BFF’s for real-time advice. No more impulse buys. No more guessing about what will go with what. No more riffling through your cell trying to find the pics of shoes and clothes and having to go from pic to pic to see if it will look good or not. With the BFF App it is all there in one spot. You can organize the pictures in your "closet" by shoes, skirts, pants, shirts and more. Now when you take a picture you can store it in your "closet" just like you do with the actual item. Style. Ask. Wear. It is that simple!

Above: A screen shot of the BFF App. Once you decide what pieces from your "closet" you want to work with you simply put together the look and if you want help you send it to your BFF's! It is that easy! Below: Everything can have it's own category for easy access and sharing.

Inspired by growing interest in street style and society’s expectation of instant gratification, the fashion experts of Arsenic 9 created this app to offer a simple tool that will facilitate everyday questions asked by all. At $1.99 BFF App is available on iTunes and in the Android market. A bargain to solve daily dilemmas and to eliminate mms cost and save time!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this app! I think it is brilliant and I can totally see myself using it. My friends are ALWAYS asking for my styling advice from Texas and this app will really help us out. It also reminds me a lot of Cher's closet from one of my favorite movies ever, Clueless.

This can be an amazing app for professional stylist to share outfits easily with their team and clients. They can put together looks after they have pulled and send them to their clients who can then rearrange and approve.

Remember, There are friends… and then there are Best Fashion Friends.

For more information about BFF please check out their website by clicking here.

P.S. Added bonus! Since this is a brand new app, rush over and get it so you can have any user name you want! Forget those underscores and numbers after your name... well, if you hurry!

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