OJ&B Horoscopes: June 2011

So this is it Guys! My June surprise is that I will be writing and post my own original Horoscopes starting this month!! I would do this all...

So this is it Guys! My June surprise is that I will be writing and post my own original Horoscopes starting this month!! I would do this all the time when OJ&B was a morning show and I am thrilled to bring it to OJ&B as a monthly feature!

Hear we go! Is this your month to Twerk it? Is love in your future? Should you be wearing booty shorts? Let's find out with OJ&B's Horoscope for June 2011!

Aquarius: Don't stop, make it Hot! You are on your grind and people are noticing! Keep your circle tight and filled with positive energy and don't let any haters slip through the cracks!

Pisces: Close your legs to excuses! You need to get up and do what you need to do. Putting things off is not the hottness and completing things will make you feel like you are the only girl and/or boy in the world!

Aries: It is JUNE and you have been up in the gym just workin' on your fitness. Keep going because you are the hottest thing on the beach, at the pool and in the club. And yes you can wear booty shorts to all three places.

Taurus: Don't stress because you deserve nothing but the best! Worrying about things that you have no control over is as useless as trying to help Lohan get her career slash life together. Just keep your head up and it will all work out!

Gemini: Don't let other people steal your happy! Bitterness is not the cuteness so let others look tragic and you continue to look fierce as you shoot across the sky. Baby you're a fireTWERK!

Cancer: You have been flirting with that special someone all year long. The weather is heating up and so should your game. Toss that hair, wear that shirt/skirt, twinkle those fingers and bat those lashes because you have a lover to catch and this month you can't miss!

Leo: Your moon is in Crunk this month and this means that you have the opportunity to make things happen! You have been doing big things and now it is time to do HUGE things. Make sure that you stay on your grind and remember what you came here to do! Make it happen because doing so is what makes you happy!

Virgo: Imma need you to calm down! You have been snapping at all the wrong people lately and it is time that you take a step back to get your life together. Extract negativity out of your life and think, "Do I really need this person who brings a dark light into my life?" The answer is always NO! Like Oprah says, "Never let anyone dim your light."

Libra: There are booty shorts and then there are RUDY shorts! Make sure you are not dressing too sexy for the places you are going. You do not need to be wearing solamente spandex (only in spanish) as pants to the office with open toed shoes even if it is casual. Make sure that your summer short shorts are ideal for YOUR body type because nothing throws off a fashion statement like clothes that are too tight slash short. It is awkward and you know your are too fly for that ish!

Scorpio: Saving, saving saving is what you have been doing for a hot minute right now. That is a really smart thing to do but always remember to treat yourself every now and then. There is nothing wrong with finding a great deal on a fun trip or going to the store and finding a bargain on an amazing investment piece. As long as you stay responsible you can have your chedda and eat it too!

Sagittarious: "Well, that is what I heard.." Sound too familiar? It is probably because you have a messy person and you need to clean them up with a mop soaked in truth! Put them on blast in a polite way and tell them that if they can't handle not spreading rumours or your business then they can peace out! Respect ='s trust ='s a healthy relationship on any level.

Capricorn: Missing home or old friend is a natural thing that happens to everyone. This is the time to reconnect with a bit of your past. Don't ever think that someone has forgotten about you. Sometimes people do not call because they are afraid they will bother you. Let them know that you want to hear from them! It will make you feel like an academy award winner who simultaneously landed on the best dress list!

*Disclaimer: These Horoscopes were written for entertainment value by the creator of OJ&B, Jonathan Valdez, and should not be taken seriously at all! If something does come true though holla at your boy!
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