OJ&B's Father's Day Gift Guide: Brought To You By The Accessories Council

Dad, Daddy, Poppa, Pops, Papi, Baby Daddy, Father. No matter what you call him, if you have been fortunate enough to have an amazing father,...

Dad, Daddy, Poppa, Pops, Papi, Baby Daddy, Father. No matter what you call him, if you have been fortunate enough to have an amazing father, or know of one in your life, then you know that they deserve an incredible gift for Father's day!

Recently Orange Juice and Biscuits was invited to the Accessories Council's Father's Day event where I was lucky enough to snag an entire Yak Pak (you will know what that is soon I promise) full of amazing gifts for your Dad! I often hear that men are the hardest to shop for so I hope that the gifts I received from the Accessories Council for OJ&B's Father's Day Gift guide prove useful to you! Let's get to giftin'!

The first thing that I received at The Accessories Council was an amazing tote bag called a Yak Pak. Yak Pak likes to remind its customers that a “bag is something you wear, not carry.” Your Dad can use this nice bag with a masculine print as a gym bag, a beach/picnic bag, an emergency kit bag for the trunk, and even as an alternative to the reusable grocery store bags! This is a fun and practical gift as the Yak Pak is only $16 dollars! You know that is a steal for a nice bag these days.

Above: I LOVE this bag! Yak Pak bags are available at college bookstores nationwide and on their website.

Another amazing gift idea that got a great response about when I tweeted it out is this really chic pair of sunglasses from Lacoste. These turtle shell sunnies are sure to make your Dad the chicest Father in the carpool lane and on the golf course.

Above: These Lacoste sunglasses are the kind of gift that you might by two of. One for you and one for Dad. Available at Marchon eyewear for $120.

If you are going to give your Dad Lacoste sunnies then you should probably go ahead and throw in a Lacoste reversible belt. We all know that sometimes Dad's have a hard time with picking out accessories so why not make his life easier by giving him a belt that is brown on one side and black on the other. The belt buckle stays the same guaranteeing that he can go wrong!

Above: This stylish belt is perfect for Dad's who never throw away things that need to be replaced like a belt. Available for $85 at Macys.com and Zappos.com.

For those of you who have a techie kind of Dad the Phosphor E Ink Digital Hour Watch is the perfect gift. This watch utilize a revolutionary E Ink electronic paper display that is similar to what’s found in products like the Kindle!

Above: A standard numeric digital display in one mode, a graphic hour clock display in another, and the ability to switch between white-on-black to black-on-white time display give this digital watch a style all its own. Give your Dad a watch that will make all the other Dad's jealous. These watches are $175 and can be found on amazon.com.

So it seems that the gift guide is going towards making Dad chic. To complete this you might have to give him a new wallet. Your Dad has probably had his wallet for a good while and chances are it is time to upgrade him with this great wallet and key fob set from Calvin Klein.

Above: Make sure that you Dad is stress free by helping him not looses his keys or wallet again. This CK wallet is $45 and can be found at Macy’s and Bon Ton stores nationwide.

If your Dad has to kick it up a notch for an upcoming wedding, formal party or business dinner (or maybe he just rolls like that) these beautiful Swarovski cufflinks from Swarovski’s first line for men are the perfect Father's Day gift. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you can find the one that is perf for your Pop!

Above: You can dandy up your Dad with these Swarovski cuff links for $70 and $90 per pair, available at select Swarovski stores nationwide.

Does you dad love hats? Then he will be all about this great hat from Woolrich by Dorfman Pacific. Inside the hat you Dad will find a mesh lining for cool comfort with a coolmax sweatbank to wick away forehead perspiration.

Above: This hat is a great thing for the Dad who is in the sun a lot for fishing or golfing. Not only is this a great gift, but it’s a gift with a great history as Woolrich was founded in 1830, and is the original outdoor company. This hat is available for $38 at dorfman-pacific stores.

If you Dad likes a fine cigar every now and then, then this set Colibri is perfect gift to give him this Father’s Day. Inside he will find a triple-flame, refillable butane cigar lighter to light your cigar quickly and cleanly, as well as a double-guillotine cigar cutter with a 60 ring gauge aperture to snip the tip of today’s popular large cigars.

Above: Your Dad is going to be so "Mad Men with this cigar set from Colibri. Available at Nat Sherman and local tobacconists across the country for $165.

The final gift on OJ&B's gift guide is something that would be perfect if your Dad likes to plan ahead for the next season, is traveling to a cold place, and or works in cold places.

Above: This Heritage Cashmere scarf is a classic accessory that any man will be sure to appreciate. It may be warm outside, but a scarf is a gift that Dad will be glad he has come fall/winter. This scarf costs $150, and will be available for purchase in the United States very soon.These gifts are all perfect for Dad but can also works for Grads that are guys as well!

I hope that this gift guide helps you with your Father's Day gift shopping! Special thanks to the Accessories Council for hooking up OJ&B with all of the fabulous items to try! Be sure to look out for more gifting ideas from OJ&B!

For more information on all of the items in the post and for links to the brands websites and social media accounts visit the Accessories Council Blog by clicking here.
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