Rugby By Ralph Lauren: Things I Need Slash Want!

I have been OBSESSED with Rugby by Ralph Lauren for a good while now. The looks keep me melting and are 100% ME! I LOVE the late 50's ...

I have been OBSESSED with Rugby by Ralph Lauren for a good while now. The looks keep me melting and are 100% ME! I LOVE the late 50's early 60's prep school look with an edge. There is nothing I love more than being vintage preppy on the top and making it modern at the bottom with an edgy exposed zipper boot or other fun footwear.

From the cardigans seen in the opening picture that you can customize with patches and embroidering to attention stealing blazers and bow ties, Rugby by Ralph Lauren had me from the first time I clicked onto their website a year or two ago. Check out the things that I need slash want slash am obsessed with from their website right now!

Above: How good is this blazer?! There are so many little things that you can do to make this bold piece your own. Note the boots. Changing the shirts and bow ties is an easy fix. Rolling up the sleeves are adding a subtle flower is an easy way to personalize this blazer.
Above: You have to have a smoldering velvet blazer for a fancy night in the city. This piece can instantly dress up so many things. Perfect for parties and special events but you know I would probably wear it all the time because I love feeling fancy and feeling fierce.
Above: A military pea coat. You need it for day wear and it can totally upgrade your weekend look in 2 seconds. A good pea coat situation will take you places. This is my personal idea of casual wear.
Above: I don't know about the sweat pant shorts but this shaw cardigan is something that makes me melt everytime I look at it. I am a sucker for letterman patches. Make me look like I just got out of 5th period at Rydell High School and I am a happy camper.

Above: Again, GO RYDELL! I need a good letterman sweater in my life. Look how nice yet casual the model looks. Throw a blazer on and I bet you a mimosa that you will be the best dressed man at the brunch table!

Above: I have always loved a good mini patch pattern on a pant. I think it says a lot about the guy who would wear these pants. It says they are daring with their wardrobe and they like to have fun. Life is too short not to have mallard ducks on your cords!
Above: A big trend in the revival of the 90's is a good fitted cargo pant. I love the uniqueness of this pant with the pockets in the front. It is bold but not tacky.

Above: Who doesn't need an emerald green dress slipper with an Indian chief on them? I would say these are essential in your shoe collection but my basics tend to be different from other people's basics. Either way I need slash want them!

You can find all of these phenomenal looks on Rugby by Ralph Lauren's website by clicking here!
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