The Ride: You've Never Seen New York Quite Like This!

One of my very best friends, Krissy, recently came to visit me in the city. I knew that I wanted her trip to be memorable and unique so I p...

One of my very best friends, Krissy, recently came to visit me in the city. I knew that I wanted her trip to be memorable and unique so I planned all sorts of fun activities to do while she was here. I remembered that I kept seeing this awesome looking bus rolling around mid town that had a giant window on one side and movie theatre-esque seating in it. All it said on the bus was "The Ride: Get on. Find out," so that is exactly what I did and I took my friend with me!

The Ride (which always makes me think of the song The Climb by Miley) is a new entertainment experience that turns the streets of New York into a stage! It is like you are people watching on a park bench, only the park bench moves you through the city and it talks to you. The Ride turns famous NYC landmarks into backdrops as a live show plays out right in front of you! From random rappers, singers trying to make it to Carnegie Hall, actors and dancers needing directions to Broadway, delivery guys who break dance all on the NYC streets, The Ride truly shows you how fun and crazy the city can be!

Above: A seemingly normal New Yorker in a suite turns into an amazing dancer as he taps and leaps to the show tune '42nd Street' while on 42nd Street. Below: Two musical theatre hopefuls do a song and dance number asking for directions to Broadway so the can get their big audition!

Using advanced audio and video technology, amazing and fun performances, local insider info and non-stop fun and excitement, The Ride will transform the way you see NYC. "The streets of New York are the world's biggest stage and The Ride gives you front row seats," says President and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Danforth. "This completely immersive, completely original experience turns New York into an ever-evolving performance."

The Ride's specially designed custom vehicles are the tallest allowed by federal law on city streets. Fitted with stadium-style seating that orients riders sideways to look through massive windows, the vehicles encourage audiences to view city streets and buildings facades as if they were the most expensive stage sets ever built. On-board hosts entertain riders as they travel through the streets of midtown Manhattan, commenting on NYC's history and its iconic sites and structures while giving insider secrets about the city, all while incorporating actors and performers along the route who interact with the vehicle and its passengers. The actual bus talks to the riders and the hosts do a great job of making everyone feel welcome and at home while encouraging interaction without embarrassment.

Above: The Ride operator Jackie payed by Cody Lindquist guides an audience through Times Square. Below: The ride takes the audience back in time to Alfred Eisenstadt's iconic V.J. Day Photo.

One of my favorite moments on The Ride was when The Ride goes into Columbus circle. The audience is greeted by a stunning and peaceful ballet performance complete with tranquil music. This relaxing and beautiful moment makes you feel like you are watching a movie.

Above: Dancers make magic happe for The Ride audience in Columbus Circle.
I also really enjoyed the huge windows that go above your head making it feel as if you are exposed to the streets on NYC. The Ride operators also randomly bust out into "Ride Quizzes" to test the audiences knowledge of the city. They have great insider info and tell the audience cool things to do while they are in the city. I was amazed at how much I learned. If Ms. Frizzle's Magic School Bus was real, I think it would be The Ride.
Above: An amazing shot and view of Grand Central Station as taken from on board The Ride: Below: My friend Krissy and I take a photo of our reflection via the windows above us on The Ride.
Thanks so much to everyone at The Ride for letting me get on and find out! I had a blast and so did my friend! We kept bringing it up during her visit. If you are planning a trip or already live in NYC this is a perfect activity to experince that will leave you entertained and smiling with your friends and family. The best part about The Ride is figuring out what is part of the show and what is everyday life in the big city. Also, seeing the real New Yorkers walking by who are not effected at all by any of it is pretty funny as well. Now get on and find out!

To get on and find out about The Ride and to get tickets click here.

Photo Credits: All pictures that do not have the OJ&B logo are courtesy of The Ride and were taken by Marc Bryan-Brown
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