The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Makes Me Smile!

As soon as I walked into Radio City Music Hall for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular it felt like Christmas Day! The beautiful lobby ha...

As soon as I walked into Radio City Music Hall for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular it felt like Christmas Day! The beautiful lobby had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland. You could take pictures with Santa, buy ornaments and buy candy from the candy shop to enjoy while watching the show. Christmas was officially here!

After stocking up on candy and drinks, my friend and I found our seats and waited for the show to begin. From the very second that the spectacular begins you can feel the excitement of the show. Fun holiday lights fill Radio City, the live orchestra lifts from below the stage and then the legendary Radio City Rockettes hit the stage in fabulous sequined reindeer costumes complete with reindeer boot tap shoes! The show had officially started!!

I have always wanted to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City! The fact that I was sitting in the legendary Radio City Music Hall watching the iconic Rockettes do their thing had me feeling like I had finally made it to NYC even though I have been here for almost a year. The show is such a NYC staple. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was smiling the entire time! The costumes and the sets where brilliant but of course the phenomenal dancing that the Rockettes are world famous for is what makes the show!

I am a sucker for Broadway shows of the olden days that had huge productions and where full of tapping. I think that is why I was smiling the entire time because I felt like I was taken back to the golden days of Broadway shows with elaborate dance numbers and costumes. It was so cool to see the Rockettes do their eye high kicks as the were spread out across the massive stage. Their precision is beyond impressive. These gals look gorgeous and make it look effortless but they are some of the hardest working athletes out there. I read on the Rockettes' Twitter page that after each show the ladies take ice baths to help with sore muscles. Now that is intense!

Flying through the sky with Santa on a 3-D experience, amazing costumes and dancing, real live camels, a flying Santa, singing and the most adorable version of The Nutcracker ever (seriously I could hardly take the amount of cuteness coming from the stage for that number), The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has something for the entire family! If you are lucky enough to visit the city for the holidays, the Christmas Spectacular is a must! It will make you feel merry and like you are a part of NYC history.

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