Falling Whistles To Host New York Extravaganza At The Box

As you know, there is nothing that I love more than going to fabulous events with fabulous celebrities to support a fabulous cause! Susan...

As you know, there is nothing that I love more than going to fabulous events with fabulous celebrities to support a fabulous cause!

Susan Sarandon, Benga from HBO's The Wire, Spider-Man on Broadway's lead Reeve Carney, Fela on Broadway's Lead Kevin Mambo, Across the Universe's TV Carpio, along with members of The Roots are all scheduled to attend (and some hopefully to perform?!) at Falling Whistles New York Extravaganza on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 benefiting the rehabilitation of war affected kids in Congo and advocating their freedom.

Falling Whistles is a small window into our world's largest war. Over a year ago, laying in Titu Prison, 5 boy-prisoners spoke of the whistleblowers. Abducted in Congo and too small to carry a gun, boys were given merely a whistle and sent to the front lines of battle. The sound of their whistles calling together was meant to frighten the enemy away. Failing that, their sole duty was to receive the bullets with their bodies. With falling whistles, their only choice was to feign death, or face it. The world is changed by those who speak up. Whistleblowers. Rarely understood in their time, history looks back and calls them courageous. Around the world, the sound of the whistle means stop. Pay attention. Speak up and say the same. Make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace.

There are VIP packages available as well as a general admission of a suggested donation at the door of $30. If you decide to donate at that level, you will receive the falling whistle pendant necklace as a special thank you for your donation.

This night is sure to be amazing with a great roster of celebs and a truly great cause! You know OJ&B is going to be there covering the event from inside the infamous Box in NYC so keep an eye out for the post!

P.S. Word on the street is that the FABULOUS Rhianna might show up. Nothing is confirmed and this is just what I heard now, but if she shows then this is how I want the night to go down:

Me: Hey RiRi you look fierce as always! How was Katy Perry's wedding Boo?

RiRi: It was OK, but I wish you were there! Wanna come chill with me in my VIP booth?

ME: Well, maybe next ti... OK! It is for a good cause!

Then I get cast in Spider-Man and Fela... THE END!

Hope to see you guys there!!

For more information about this event and/or for tickets contact Sadatu@femmecat.com and for more information about Falling Whistles go to FallingWhistles.com.

P.P.S. I also want to Get Susan Sarandon's take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show Glee episode! You know I love some SuSa!
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