Hudson Hall: Tray Chic!

On June 17, 2010 I got to experience one of the newest hot spots in the city during their chic tasting event! Hudson Hall, in the always fu...

On June 17, 2010 I got to experience one of the newest hot spots in the city during their chic tasting event! Hudson Hall, in the always fun and fab Hudson Hotel, is the brand new restaurant created Cordon Bleu graduate, Chef Brian Young. The menu at Hudson Hall highlights unique products and ingredients that are seasonal in nature and are provided by the regions most storied and sustainable farms.

Above: The amazing food that reminds you that this is NOT your typical mess hall!

I have to give huge props to Chef Brian Young and his crew for the amazing food at what feels like a lux Luby's with it's Harry Allan Designed red trays and food that you serve yourself. My favorite thing that I ate was the Hudson Slider which was made with dry aged and wagyu cabot clothbound chedder, neuske bacon, and a special sauce. If none of that means anything to you, just know that there was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited (well if you RSVP'd on time and were on the list). For dessert I had a slice of delicious poppyseed cheesecake with berries and whipped cream that was all kinds of tasty!

I love the vibe of Hudson Hall. The Hall is surrounded by beautiful screens that can project anything from vintage rock videos to the must see game. The long community style tables create the perfect atmosphere for meeting new people. Who knows, maybe you will meet your new Boo at Hudson Hall. It also has the vibe of an upscale college dinning hall or haute high school cafeteria. The staff sports edgy, collegiate-inspired uniforms featuring black and white stripes that make you want to show your school spirit for team Hudson. The night was complete with guests sipping college themed cocktails like lemon drops and woo-woos all served as shots, cocktails and pitchers.

Above: Guest get to serve themselves creating a custom meal. Who knows who you will meet reaching for the same plate of food. Below: The chic screens that create a great atmosphere.

The tasting event brought out the likes of socialite Jackie Astier, Fashion Director for Telegraph UK Daniela Agnelli, Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais and Ryan Brown and Irina Shayk. I also spotted publicist and Kell on Earth cast member Emily Bungert chatting it up and enjoying Hudson Hall.

To say I enjoyed Hudson Hall would be an understatement. I totally recommend going to Hudson Hall if you are looking for something fun and different in the city where you have a good chance of meeting new people.

Thanks Hudson Hall for giving us yet another reason to love the Hudson Hotel.

Above: Mairin Heard and Jonathan Valdez enjoy an amazing night of food fun and drinks at the Hudson Hall Tasting!

*Photos provided by M. Alexander Weber.
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