J.Lo J.Hosts SNL!

Jennifer Lopez was the host AND musical performer for the last February SNL in 2010. J.LO is not stranger to the block or hosting as she ha...

Jennifer Lopez and Tokyo hotel perform during the 60th festival of italian song in San Remo

Jennifer Lopez was the host AND musical performer for the last February SNL in 2010. J.LO is not stranger to the block or hosting as she had done so back in 2001. In her opening monologue she talks about the differences between things then and now like how she had to give up certain things like her entourage. I would hate having to give up the guy who held my orange juice as well!

Before the show got started, SNL opened up with a skit about how bad the remake of 'We Are The World' was. The skit featured J.Lo portraying Rhianna doing her trademark "AY YEAH's." Other people that were made light of were Gwen Stefani, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson and so much!

There was of course a Digital Short. This one was about flags of the world. The flags started out normal enough but in true Digital Short form the flags went from real to We Love Betty White flags, Hottie and The Nottie Flags, J.Lo wearing day glow with and a halo made of Play-Doh flag, and of course my fave flag, the no you didn't Flag!

The night seemed to be going pretty well for Jenny from the block until she started to SING! Que Lastima! Maybe being the host AND musical performer was too much for J.Lo. It my have also been because she was singing ballads and not fun dancey pop hits like 'Waiting For Tonight'. Whatever it was the poor girl sounded horrid! The notes were just not getting hit. It's O.K. Jenny, I still think you are an awesome comedic actress! Back to the show!

I was so happy that they did another Besos Y Lagrimas sketch. My favorite one is with Christina Aguilera but this one made me happy too! If and when I host SNL I will HAVE to be in a Besos Y Lagrimas skit. I mean, who doesn't want to be in a Spanish telenovela? I crack up everytime they show them in those amazing dresses with the wind blowing on them in between the scenes.

Another skit that I was extremely happy that they did again was Tina Tina! When we first met Tina Tina she was selling hilarious custom door bells, and now she has moved on to car horns. My favorite car horn is the one for people in relationships. "HOW CAN YOU SLEEP WITH DENISE?! OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I like how J.Lo was in her old denim jumper from back in the day.

Overall I would have to say that I enjoyed Jennifer Lopez's return to hosting. I will always be fond of her first time around where she battled Chris Kattan's character "Mango." Get it Jenny! But next time do your dancey pop stuff if you are going to sing!
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  1. I love J.Lo. When she first came out, I was semi-obsessed with her. She is a strong, talented and gorgeous woman. Loves.



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