GA GA OOH LA LA: Lady Gaga does it again at the Grammy's!

Another music award show has happened and once again Lady Gaga seems to be the hot topic! There were some Grammy hot mess moments like Just...

Grammy Awards 2010 - RED CARPET

Another music award show has happened and once again Lady Gaga seems to be the hot topic! There were some Grammy hot mess moments like Justin Bieber calling Bon Jovi Beyonce, then covering it up by saying that Beyonce was always on his mind and apologizing to Jay-Z. Then there was Taylor Swift. Wow... I said it once, I will say it again. She is sweet as pie but the poor child cannot sing live to save her country loving life. Even my die hard Tay Tay fans agreed that she sounded like a hot chicken fried mess! That being said, Gaga was not one of the hot mess moments of the night!

Gaga instantly wowed the crowed when she hit the 52nd annual Grammy's red carpet in the swirly whirly bit of amazingness that you see above. She also rocked some outrageously awesome shoes. Can you imagine if she had fallen off of them with that dress on? OUCH guys.

Lady GaGa arrives at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards

Then it was onto her performance with none other than Sir Elton John! Something about the performance made me smile. I think that it was because Elton John was all Gagad out (or was Gaga Eltoned out? You know he dressed crazy too back in the day!) I also really enjoyed the fact that at the end they exchanged appreciation for each other through song. Gaga also seemed like she was loving every minute and appreciated who she was performing with.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage

Above: Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. Below: Lady Gaga just being Gaga.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Then it was time for Gaga to sit down and enjoy the show! Better get something that is comfy to sit in and won't obstruct other people's view right?! WRONG! You know when Gaga sits down at an award show she has to wear a crazy head dress. Maybe it's to keep warm? It can get cold at those things! All I know is that when I finally get to go to a show PLEASE do not put me behind Gaga. Love her, but I also want to see the show!

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage

Above: I love how everytime there is a picture of Gaga sitting at an award show the person next to her ALWAYS has a crazy look on their face. If it were me I would be geeking out!

I know I need to stop gushing about Gaga but I just have mad props for her. It has to be hard to find that many zany outfits to wear in one night. Gaga has inspired me for New York Fashion Week which is THIS MONTH! I need to find an outfit that will shut it down and maybe piss off the people behind me. Be on the look out for some amazing Fashion Week posts! I will be sure to tell you where I go and WHO I see!

I now leave you with the Gaga/John Grammy's performance! Have fun!
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  1. YAYYYYY! I wish that part would have been in 3D too!!



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