Project Runway Day In NYC: Exclusive OJ&B Interview With Tim Gunn!

Today was a very special day for Project Runway ! George Fertitta of NYC & Co proclaimed today as Project Runway Day. Tim Gunn, Nina Ga...

Today was a very special day for Project Runway! George Fertitta of NYC & Co proclaimed today as Project Runway Day. Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Micheal Kors, and Models of the Runway Winner, Kalyn Hemphill, among other Project Runwayers were in attendance as NYC's Fashion Avenue was temporarily renamed Project Runway Avenue in honor of Project Runway Day and season 7 starting tomorrow!

Above: Project Runway Judges Nina Garcia and Micheal Kors

That's right! As the preview says on television, it is all new, ALL New York! (Another thing that is all New York now is ME! I moved to NYC y'all!) I had a chance to tell Micheal Kors congrats on the new season. Kors told me "Thanks. It's going to be a good one."

Above: American Designer and Project Runway judge Micheal Kors speaking with Extra!

I was thrilled when I got to speak with one of my style icons and Project Runway legend Tim Gunn! I asked him how many "Make It Work" moments there are in the new season and this is what he said:

(Huge laugh) "There isn't a single challenge without lots of "Make It Work" moments. I have a new catch phrase this season, I am afraid it will become a catch phrase because I say it so frequently, "This worries me."

Above: Me interviewing Tim Gunn

I also got to speak with one of lasts season's finalist, Carol Hannah about what she has been up to since the show ended. Here is what Carol Hannah had to say:

"I have been up to a lot of different things! I have been wholesaling so I'm in stores now and I am kind of expanding that with the ready to wear line and I am actually launching a wedding line in March and April. It's really exciting, that's really my passion and something that I am thrilled to be doing. Logan (fellow season 6 designer) and I opened up a studio down the street actually. It functions as a showroom and workplace and place to do fittings, do a little shopping, have events that kind of stuff. I'm also blogging for Lifetime for season seven and for People.com"

Carol Hannah also let me know that she has seen the first episode and there is LOTS of drama as always! HOLLA!

Above: Designer Carol Hannah, Models of the Runway winner Kalyn Hemhill, OJ&B's Jonathan Valdez, and Designer Qristyl Frazier

The event was so much fun and I had the perfect spot to watch it all go down! I was right under the Project Runway Avenue sign and I got photoged by all of the press. Check out the Gothamist post! Yes that is me under the sign lookin' all New York funky Style (SNL reference.) I believe they got that image from Getty images which means that I am all over the interweb! Also look out for me on Extra because I was all in that camera. That is where I was standing and well let's face it, I really wanted to be on Extra so I stayed there for a bit. It was also awesome because one of the contestants from the first season asked if I was a designer. I am going to keep a tally of how many people ask me that in the city. So far it's two and they have both been fashion industry peeps!

Above: Models of the Runway winner, Kalyn Hemphill, talks to the press.

I cannot wait to see what season 7 has for us! You know fashion and drama are the perfect combo! Be sure to keep an eye out on the OJ&B blog because now that I have my life together in NYC I will be bringing you coverage of all the hottest events and sightings. If you want to really know what is happening or who I spot in the NYC streets then follow me on Twitter! Stay fierce friends!

Above: Fiercest bus on Fashion Ave!

P.S. Special thanks to my friend Emily Wade who was my photog slash assistant for the event!
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