Vinnie Potestivo Talks MTV, Developing Talent and His Podcast on OJ&B The Podcast With Jonathan Valdez

Graphic via OJ&B The Podcast with Jonathan Valdez Vinnie Potestivo, Multimedia Strategist and Talent Developer  Multimedia Strategist an...

Multimedia Strategist and Talent Developer Vinnie Potestivo has over 20 years of experience launching personal celebrity brands and creating ground-breaking, award-winning and format-busting original content that has had a permanent impact in pop culture and television history. 

Potestivo helped launch the Talent and Series Development department at MTV in 1999 and went on to create The Osbournes, Newlyweds Punk'd and more! Now he connects people to success by creating multimedia opportunities that impress, inspire and impact via his own company Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment

Check out the full interview with Vinnie on OJ&B The Podcast with Jonathan Valdez below where Vinnie talks about his days at MTV, working with Beyonce and Mandy Moore and his new Podcast, "I Have A Podcast" by Vinnie Potestivo.

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The official graphic for Vinnie Potestivo's "I Have a Podcast"
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