Mark Schwartz and Michael Des Barres Collaborate To Create The Marquis Collection

Photo courtesy of Mark Schwartz Shoes and boots from  Mark Schwartz and Michael Des Barres ' "Marquis Collection" Men's s...

Photo courtesy of Mark Schwartz

Shoes and boots from Mark Schwartz and Michael Des Barres' "Marquis Collection"

Men's shoe designer extraordinaire Mark Schwartz has collaborated with British born actor, musician and radio host, The Marquis Michael Des Barres for a shoe collection that appeals to the discerning gentleman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, yet oozes class, unique style and charisma with a little cheeky playfulness on the side.

"I am extremely excited about this collaboration with Michael. He has been extraordinarily hands on and inspirational, and he never ceases to feed and inspire me creatively" says Schwartz.

The Marquis Michael Des Barres, whose French nobility lineage and title can be traced back 734 years, is well recognized for his role as Merdoc in the beloved 80's TV show MacGyver as well as shows like Melrose Place, JAG, Roseanne, NCIS, CSI and more.

Des Barres says, "These boots were made for dancing! Even while standing still. Style is merely individualism. In this challenged world, step out and stand for love, literally!"

Inspired by the 70s redux seen in collections and catwalks around the world this season, "The Maquis Collection" explores sumptuous prints, leathers and fabrics paired with fashionable higher, more modern take on the classic Cuban Heel. The collection comprises of the "Piccadilly" shoe, the "Carnaby" ankle and the "Soho" calf boot each with a custom 40mm heel. First to be released is the "Roccia" snake skin leather print with new colors and fabric to follow each month.

Check out "The Marquis Collection below" below which is currently available for pre order via Mark Schwartz website which you can access by clicking here.

"The Marquis Collection" Piccadilly Lace Up Shoe

"The Marquis Collection" Carnaby Ankle Boot

"The Marquis Collection" Soho Calf Boot
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