Tribes Cosmetics Founders Pergrin Pervez and Matthew Rodrigues Talk Men's Makeup On OJ&B The Podcast With Jonathan Valdez

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The pandemic has brought a plethora of changes to our society and men are certainly not immune to them.  One of the biggest changes for most people is working from home.  With that comes Zoom calls that happen all day everyday for many people including men. Because of this men are forced to see their faces up close and personal for extended periods of time and it has started to create what some are calling "Zoom Dysmorphia." 

"Zoom Dysmorphia" can cause men to be hyper-focused on areas of their face that they want to improve by may not be ready to change with plastic surgery. Enter the ever growing trend and demand of men's makeup.

I was excited to speak Tribe Cosmetics Founders Pergrin Pervez and Matthew Rodrigues about "Zoom Dysmorphia," why men are becoming increasingly more comfortable using makeup, which age demographics of men are responding the most to men's makeup and what makes their men's makeup brand Tribe stand out from the rest on the market.

Listen to the full interview with Tribe Cosmetics Founders Pergrin Pervez and Matthew Rodrigues below and be sure to follow Tribe Cosmetics on Instagram.

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